Real Madrid boss has rejected the claims that Atletico Madrid are a violent team, saying that “football is not a game for girls”.

The fierce rivalry between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid has become a subject of criticism off late but Ancelotti has defended the tactics used by both the teams.

Spanish media has accused Atletico Madrid of depending too much on physical game against Real Madrid but Ancelotti refused to criticize the Rojablancos.

“Each team has its own style of play and the best thing we can do is impose ours out on the playing field. Each team has its own style from the characteristics of its players. That’s football. Atlético has it’s own, very intense. But that’s football, this isn’t a game for pansies, it’s a game for men.” Ancelotti was speaking in a press conference ahead of tomorrow’s Madrid derby.

The Real Madrid boss also took the opportunity to clarify about the situation surrounding Cristiano Ronaldo. Eye brows have been raised over the fitness level of Ronaldo but Ancelotti stressed that there is nothing to worry and the Portuguese star will start the game tomorrow.

“Cristiano is on top form, in prime physical fitness. He plays when he’s ok, when he’s not tired, when he’s not injured. I don’t think that he played too much last year; he played when there was no risk of him getting injured. I think the handling of Ronaldo has been good.

“He doesn’t have a chronic injury. Last year, he had a problem with his patellar ligament which he has now recovered from. We work on preventing injuries with him as we do with all our players.”

Real Madrid right back Dani Carvajal is currently injured and there is a suspense surrounding the starting XI of Ancelotti for tomorrow’s game. But the Italian refused to disclose his plans. Ancelotti said: “I’m not going to say the line-up, as I still don’t have it clear myself. But I’m not going to change the ideas I have about the match. We want to get back to playing well, with intensity – something we usually do.”

Meanwhile, the Rojablancos boss Diego Simeone had claimed earlier that unlike Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, Atletico Madrid is a team of common people of Spain and Ancelotti claimed that he disagrees with him.

 “I think football is for the people, not just a team,” Ancelotti said. “All teams have fans all over the world. It’s a sport for the people.”