PSG are moving quickly to grab Chelsea FC goalkeeper Petr Cech on year-long loan away from Stamford Bridge.

PSG have put forward the Chelsea management a year-long loan offer for goalkeeper Petr Cech. It is believed that PSG is aware of the fact that Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho is reluctant to let Cech go away from Stamford Bridge and that is why they have made this offer, which will also secure Chelsea’s right to recall the player.

Petr Cech, has been one of the most consistent and impressive performer for the Blues since he joined them in 2004, exactly a decade ago. His resolute defending and sharp reflexes at the goalpost made him one of Europe’s top goalkeeper. He won the Premier League golden glove award in 2005, 2010, 2014, he also won the Chelsea Player Of The Season award in 2011.

After completing a decade at Stamford Bridge, Cech’s future with the club is suddenly looking very bleak. He was sidelined for the club’s opening encounter against Burnley on Monday, clearly stating that Thibaut Courtois, who has made a come back at Stamford Bridge after a successful loan-out stint with Atletico Madrid, will be the first choice for Jose Mourinho in the coming season.

Chelsea are also compelled to cut one player from their Premier League squad and 2 players from their Champions League squad before the transfer season ends on 1st September.

Though Jose Mourinho is confident that Cech will stay at Stamford Bridge, he may have to make some harsh decisions in order to maintain the right balance in the team.

While speaking about Cech’s future with the club Mourinho said “He is a top professional,He is working as always, behaving as always, being a group man as always, being a Chelsea person as always.”

When asked about Cech’s reactions after being sidelined for the opening encounter, the Chelsea boss replied “Is he totally happy? I don’t believe. But it’s not just him. It’s everyone who didn’t start the game,”

He, however believed that Cech will have a crucial role to play in the upcoming months, where the team will be playing 3 matches in a week. Mourinho said But in September, with the Capital One (League) Cup, Premier League, Champions League, three matches a week, everyone playing, rotation, resting, decisions… that’s an easier period for them and an easier period for me in the sense everyone feels much better.”

Chelsea are also looking to swap Fernando Torres with Roma striker Mattia Destro and the two clubs will have to come to an agreement regarding Torres’s wages in order to complete the swap deal.