FA chairman Greg Dyke has stressed that the Premier League is in desperate need of radical restructuring and proposed new set of reforms in its structure like feeder clubs and B teams playing in League football in order to increase number of English players in the top flight.

Greg Dyke has said that the FA wants to increase the number of English players playing first team football in the Premier League from 66 to 90 by 2022. Such measures have been proposed by Mr. Dyke that if implemented, it will change the complete structure of English Football.

The FA had set up a commission to improve the level of English football and members of the same were Dyke, Hodgson, former England managers Glenn Hoddle and Howard Wilkinson, plus ex-England internationals Rio Ferdinand and Danny Mills.

“If we don’t arrest the decline you feel quite bleak about the future of English football,” Dyke said to BBC Sport.

“You’ll have very a good league, but it’s not about English football.”

Dyke added: “You can’t be sure you can deliver this. They’re difficult proposals and you can’t possibly be sure people are going to buy into them. But what else are you going to buy into?”

According to a recent survey, only 32% of starters qualified to play for England in the 2012-13 Premier League season, compared to 69% 20 years ago.

Dyke has proposed a ban on non-European Union players outside of the top-flight, the development of “strategic loan partnerships” between clubs, as well as a reduction in non-homegrown players in Premier League squads.

The most revolutionary proposal from the FA commission is the addition of B teams into the current football structure. The plan would be for a new division, ‘League Three’, to be added between League Two and the Conference. EPL clubs would be given the option of fielding a B team in the new division or the Conference. Meanwhile, current Conference clubs will be given an opportunity to make up any shortfall.

Another innovative proposal of Dyke led FA commission is use of never used before “3G pitches”.

The FA also proposes strategic loan partnerships. It would give an alternative for EPL clubs who do not want a B team to form loan arrangements that already exist between some elite and lower-league sides.

The FA report has established that its basic aim is “coaching and coach development, in clubs and at grassroots, which has not yet reached a satisfactory level and impact” and “England lags behind in the quantity and quality of affordable grassroots facilities. This is particularly true in the area of all-weather pitches”.

The plan of FA has already received some criticisms from Premier League coaches and it would be interesting to see how the FA approaches the clubs in order to pave the road for future developments.