After beating West Bromich Albion 2-0, Chelsea would face a lowly Sunderland side reeling at the middle of the table. Although, five points from three game have uplifted Sunderland from the relegation places, they face a daunting showdown against league leaders and unbeaten Chelsea. Sunderland’s manager and former Chelsea player Gus Poyet, has already expressed his views on Chelsea, and believes that Sunderland will play with their hearts out again Chelsea, while looking to put an end of Chelsea’s unbeaten run.

“I think from now until the end of the season, everyone is going to try to be the one who beats Chelsea first.” said Poyet. 

“Now it’s our opportunity and let’s see if we can take it.

“We need to be spot-on – don’t make any mistakes, be good, organised and be brave on the ball so you’re not defending all the time.

“There are plenty of things that we need to do really well on the day.

“But we’ve done it in the past, so hopefully we can do it again.”

Although, Sunderland has beaten Chelsea during Poyet’s tenure, the league leaders would look to crush the blackcats.

“I want to take that ‘nothing to lose’ mentality away from Sunderland,” added Poyet.

“I don’t want us to feel we are ‘OK’ and think: ‘We’re playing Chelsea, we can lose’. No we can’t.

“Let’s stop thinking like that or ‘we’ve got enough points’.

“We need to play every game as an opportunity to win.

“We need to have that mentality in every single player and every single person in the club.

“Until we do that, it’s going to be difficult for us to aim higher – top 10 or whatever.

“At the moment, we’re all right. That’s OK, but I don’t like just being all right.”

After conceding eight against Southampton, Sunderland have found their footing back after holding Everton to a 1-1 draw last time around and bagging a goal less draw against Leister City.

“I think the mentality and the reaction is back,” he added.

“We’re playing to our strengths again.

“We know Chelsea are the best team in the league, but we need to play them and then concentrate on City and Liverpool.

“But overall, we are defending well, apart from that awful day we had at Southampton.

“It’s a special game (against Chelsea) and we’ve got three now.

“Let’s try to enjoy it and make sure nothing dreadful happens.”

Although Chelsea would be certain favorites to win this fixture against Sunderland, the Blackcats could most probably succumb to a barrage of Chelsea attacks, which have been clinical thus far.

Sunderland entertain Chelsea at the Stadium of Light on 29th November.