In recent times, a few Arsenal players have been complaining of how they are not sure why they aren’t getting any game time. Lukas Podolski and Tomas Rosicky were the most recent players who came out and said that they weren’t happy with how they have been on the sidelines for so long.

It is particularly surprising considering that these two player aren’t exactly the worst players to have in your starting XI, with both bringing some very important qualities. Rosicky brings urgency, energy and drive to the team, kind of like Alexis Sanchez, and with him on the pitch, you know that there is no scope for complacency.

In the case of Lukas Podolski, his lethal left foot is legendary, and considering the kind of openings Sanchez and Welbeck offer to the team, you would think his finishing would be of excellent use. But Arsene Wenger thinks otherwise, probably looking at his unwillingness to track back and defend.

However, it seems it is having an effect on his fitness, at least in international games. Joachim Loew is not happy that Podolski is not getting enough game time and has urged him to move from Arsenal to a different club so that he can start playing more regularly.

Loew said, “He needs to play competitive games. Sometimes he lacks the physical condition to play the full 90 minutes. I’m aware that he doesn’t play a lot right now for Arsenal. He has to think about his situation.”

With rumours already going around that various clubs interested in him, with the strongest link being Galatasaray, it will be hard to see him staying at Arsenal beyond the January transfer window. In fact, it would be a surprise to see him not angle for a move as soon as the window opens, and no amount of persuasion from Arsene Wenger would make him warm the bench. He will have seen how it went for Bendtner and he definitely wouldn’t want to become a laughing stock at the club.

Loew obviously rates Podolski highly, and is keen to see him get more game time so that he can be of better use to Germany. Otherwise, his talent would be wasted, and it would be a loss for Germany too, and Loew understands that. There aren’t many years left for Podolski, and Loew would certainly try to make the best use of them.