In a team that is filled with international players, it is obvious that some players would not be able to play as many games as they would want to. However, the number of minutes that Lukas Podolski has played this season is a bit of travesty and definitely reeks of player mismanagement.

While Podolski is no spring chicken nor does he do the greatest job in terms of tracking back or defending, he’s not known for either aspect of the game. What he brings to the team is a lethal left foot that can unleash a powerful shot that is accurate and hit with such force that the goalkeeper has no chance of stopping it. It was on full show in the game against Burnley, even though he was only on the field for about 10 minutes.

Talking in a press conference for Germany’s Euro qualifier against Gibraltar, he was asked if he was happy with his playing time at Arsenal.

“Of course I am not happy with my situation right now,” Podolski said. “I can’t be satisfied with that. It is hard when you can’t do what you love.”

When it was suggested to him that it could be a lack of form that was the reason for his sporadic appearances for the Gunners, Podolski rejected that notion and responded, “If you only come in for 8 or 10 minutes it is hard to get into the game. If you can’t play then you can’t say he’s not playing well or he has a crisis if you’re not given the chance.”

With persistent questions being asked about why he was on the sidelines more than in the first XI, Podolski finally got fed up with that line of questions and said,” I don’t know why that is, you’d have to ask my coach in England.”

It is indeed surprising as to why Arsene Wenger continues to ignore the obvious traits that Lukas Podolski can bring to the team, especially when the team desperately needs a goal. Therefore, it was extremely frustrating for the fans to see him bring on Yaya Sanogo, a player who has never scored a goal for the team till now, to try and level the game late on, rather than Podolski who just a couple of games ago did exactly that by giving the team a win with a late goal.

It looks increasingly likely that Podolski would no longer want to sit on the bench and would be angling for a move in January. After being linked with Galatasaray once again, he did not totally rule out a transfer, saying, “We’ll see what happens in January.”