Bayern Munich manager Pep Guardiola recently reiterated his desire to never return to FC Barcelonaas a manager, but insisted that he would one day settle down in Catalonia with his family.

Guardiola was in Catalonia recently to cast his vote in an informal consultation on the region’s independence. The press got wind of the former Barcelona manager’s presence and chose to quiz him on his time in Germany and whether he would ever be seen again in the capacity of Barcelona manager.

“In principle I won’t coach Barça again,” Guardiola told Mundo Deportivo. “I think that there are cycles in life and that mine [at the club] finished.”

“My wife has her work and the idea is to come back and live here [in Barcelona]. But I don’t know when that will be.”

Guardiola’s time at Barcelona was one of the most illustrious in the club’s history as they won an unprecedented 11 trophies in 4 years, including three La Liga and two Champions League wins.

Having come through the famed La Masia academy and played for the club for 11 years, Guardiola is a legendary figure at Barcelona, revered by many as the man who gave the Catalonian club its identity back.

But his last years as Barca manager were tainted by boardroom politics and a drop in player performance, and he eventually left the job, to “recharge his batteries”.

Guardiola also was forced to retort to the Barca higher-ups when they reportedly said in the media that Guardiola had not come to the aid of the ailing Tito Vilanova, a close friend of the Spaniard.

Vilanova was undergoing cancer treatment in New York, and the Barca board alleged that Guardiola had not made any effort to see his friend, an accusation that Guardiola had to deny in public in mid 2013.

“I told them [the president and his directors] I was going 6,000km away and asked them to leave me in peace, but they haven’t kept their word

“I did my time [at Barcelona] then decided to leave. I want them to get on with the job and I wish them all the success in the world, because their success will also be mine – I don’t need to say what I feel for this club.”

“Too many things have happened that have crossed the line,” Guardiola said in July 2013.

“I will never forget that they used Tito’s illness to cause me damage, because it’s a lie that I never saw him in New York.

“I saw him once, and the reason I didn’t see him more often was because it wasn’t possible, and that wasn’t my fault. To say that I don’t wish the best of someone who was my colleague for so many years is very bad taste, and I didn’t expect that.

“If any of the things I’ve said is not true, come out and rebut it, but it has to be them [Rosell and the board], not intermediaries or Barcelona messengers. Them.”