Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini insisted that all the transfer dealings were conducted within rules, refuting Arsene Wenger’s claim of foul play.

Arsenal FC manager Arsene Wenger questioned the signing of Frank Lampard by Manchester City, on loan from New York City. The midfielder was released by Chelsea this summer and the England international joined MLS club New York City on a two-year contract. But with the MLS season starting in March, Lampard signed for Manchester City on a six-moth loan deal as he looks to keep up his fitness before the start of the next season.

Incidentally, New York City, Melbourne City and Manchester City are all owned by holding company City Football Group, and this group is reportedly aiming to sign two more clubs across the World. Arsene Wenger has questioned whether this is a viable move under the new Financial Fair Play rules and insisted that this could be a mean to bend the rules. Manchester City’s sister clubs could buy players and send them on loan to the Citizens, which will basically allow them to use a player without reflecting on their financial statement.

Manuel Pellegrini was expectedly questioned about Wenger’s comments. When the former Real Madrid manager was asked whether all the deals have been done properly, he said: “I think so”.

Pellegrini was also surprised by Wenger commenting on their transfer and insisted that Lampard was a free agent and that the club didn’t spend any money on signing him on loan.

“I think as managers we have enough problems with our own teams to be talking about other teams.

“The only thing I can say is that we have important restrictions about the amount of money we can spend, and Frank Lampard was a free player – we didn’t spend any money in bringing him from New York City to Manchester City.” – The Manchester City manager said.

There has been mixed reactions about the Chelsea supporters regarding Lampard joining a rival club, but Pellegrini insisted that it is wrong to call him a traitor as Chelsea didn’t want to retain him.

“I don’t understand the reaction of Chelsea fans who say he is a traitor.

“The problem was not that Frank Lampard did not want to sign another contract with Chelsea – Chelsea didn’t want him anymore.

“He is a competitive player, he will be important for our team and we didn’t spend any money on him, so the rules of financial fair play don’t have any relation with Lampard.” – Pellegrini added.