Having announced his retirement from international football, Paul Scholes continues to ruffle feathers in his role as a football pundit and has once again targeted Jack Wilshere who he believes is not being helped by Arsene Wenger at Arsenal.

Scholes had earlier criticised Wilshere for not having improved at Arsenal since he ‘broke into the scene at the age of 17’.

“Jack Wilshere came on the scene and what a top young player he looked, but he’s never really gone on. He needs characters like Vieira next to him to take him to the next level. Injuries haven’t helped him, but he doesn’t look any better a player now than when he was 17.”

According to reports, Wilshere looked up Scholes following his criticism and had a talk with him regarding his shortcomings. Having obtained his number from Gary Neville, Wilshere went on to have a talk with Scholes, the details of which was made public by the Arsenal midfielder.

Looking back Paul Scholes recounts how he would never have picked up Wilshere’s call if he knew that the English youngster planned on making the conversation public.

“I would never have answered the phone if I knew he was going to talk about it to everyone. I don’t think he should have told anyone about our phone call, but it’s up to him. I had hoped it was private.”

Scholes has since then tried to clear the air between him and Wilshere, insisting that he only had his best interests at heart, recalling how he was awestruck by the midfielder’s potential when he came across him when he was only 17. Scholes also hit out at Arsene Wenger who he believes was not helping the youngster realize his potential.

“I wasn’t having a pop. I was disappointed he wasn’t being helped by his club, by his manager or his assistant manager.”

“As an English midfield player I just want him to do better. I know he has had a nightmare with those ankles, but I played against him when he was 17 and I just thought “Jesus”.”

Wilshere arrived in the English Premier League as a bright prospect but has had his fair share of run-ins, most recently when he was photographed smoking during the summer break. But Paul Scholes believes that too much was made out of the incident recalling his days at Old Trafford where the laundry room would be full of smoke before a training session.

“What Jack gets up to in the summer is up to him. He had a smoke, but it’s not the end of the world.”

“At United the laundry room used to be full of smoke in the mornings because Laurent Blanc and Fabien Barthez wouldn’t start training until they had a cigarette.”

“I’ve known foreign players have a glass of wine or a beer the night before a game.”

With the new season up and running, it remains to be seen if Jack Wilshere can indeed rise up to the occasion and prove the Manchester United legend wrong.