Jose Mourinho hailed his Chelsea squad and commented on the evolution the team has undergone since last season. Ahead of the trip to Sunderland on Saturday, the Portugese noted the level of competition and camaraderie in the Chelsea camp, and called for more of the same.

“Every player in my squad is fantastic and I’m so happy with all of them. The only risk we don’t have is complacency. We have all the other risks, the risks that belong to football. The risk of a bad period. The risk of injuries. The risk of unlucky matches. The risk of other teams growing up, a great evolution, and becoming stronger during the season.

“We were winning 5-0 against Schalke in the 88th minute and Eden Hazard made a sprint to defend. Winning 5-0 at minute 88. They have changed. There was an evolution in these young people, a clear evolution. I don’t think the group, as a group, can be complacent.”

“I don’t have one single player in this moment from the ones that are not playing a lot, from the ones who don’t feel first-choice, who is not training very hard or behaving very well,” he said. “Life is difficult when you are not playing, because players were born to play. All these guys in my squad are absolutely fantastic. I’m so happy with them.”

Cesc Fabregas recently remarked how much he was enjoying football at Chelsea, and Mourinho picked up on the quotes to reiterate his point that there was a healthy atmosphere at Chelsea at the moment.

“If Cesc Fabregas says he is playing the best football of his career that means something. You can see it in his body language.”

“’My ‘untouchables’ are the ones who aren’t playing, they are responsible for what we are doing. They are all ready to help.”

Ahead of the trip to Sunderland, Mourinho declared his team fully fit, and remarked on the fact that he had very few injuries to deal with compared to other managers.

“It’s difficult to say why we have few injuries. We struggle to keep them fit. We try our best but I think it’s a bit of everything.

“For us every competition is important so we don’t rest players and we try to play with our best team.

“In football, things can change very quickly.”

Chelsea go to Sunderland on the back of an impressive 12-game unbeaten run in the Premier League, and three points at the Stadium of Light would only reinforce many pundits’ opinion that we are watching one of the best teams to ever take part in the Premier League.