Neymar’s transfer to Barcelona was expected to create big controversy. The deal was a shroud and stiletto affair from the

Neymar: Centre of Controversy Since Arriving at Barca

Neymar: Centre of Controversy Since Arriving at Barca

very start; and now after the resignation of President Sandro Rossell, chapter one is coming to an end.

Just one day after a judge announced that the investigation into Neymar’s move from Santos to Barcelona will continue in a Spanish High Court, FCB president Sandro Rosell has handed in his resignation. The nightmare may have only just begun for Barcelona as never before has such a powerful football figure done so over a scandal related to a transfer of this scale.

Josep Maria Bartomeu will be the new Barça president in the wake of Sandro Rosell’s resignation, following a special emergency meeting. He is the chosen one to take over as the new president and the aim is for Bartomeu to continue in the role until later in 2016, when elections will take place.

Particulars of Neymar’s Move to FC Barcelona:

Sandro Rosell - FC Barcelona President

Rosell: Most Controversial President of Barca Ever

The Sandro Rosell tenure at Barcelona deserves to be analyzed and written about extensively. Few people in the club’s history have been both at the centre of the club’s headiest successes and controversies. The ex-Barcelona president is a man of two faces.

Barcelona disclosed after the arrival of the Brazilian that the transfer fee was €57.1 million euros. Of the total deal amount, €17.1 million went to Santos and the other €40 million was paid to Neymar & Neymar’s company, jointly owned by the Brazilian and his father.  However, the real cost of this transfer, including the three Santos starlets who will probably never end up at Barcelona (Victor Andrade, Gabriel Barbosa and Giva), plus the two friendly fixtures, means the total transfer fee alone for the Neymar deal could stand at around €69.5m, not €57m.

Rosell insisted during his farewell speech that the allegations are “unfair” and “everything that happened in the transfer of Neymar was correct”. Rosell is accused of misappropriation of funds, an offence outlined in Article 252 of the Penal Code in Spain. The crime, if proved, can lead to imprisonment for anywhere between one and eight years.

The alleged fraud first came into the picture when the complaint was lodged against Rosell by Barcelona fan and socio Jordi Cases last month, alleging misappopriation of funds and a lack of transparency over the €40m allegedly paid to the company owned by Neymar and his father.

The Prosecutor’s Office at the Spanish High Court, Barcelona has asked Judge Pablo Ruz to submit the documents regarding Neymar’s contract, so as to help rule on the validity of the misappropriation allegation submitted by Barcelona member Jordi Cases against club president Sandro Rosell.

And in response to the Court’ demand, Barcelona have presented all of Neymar’s contracts to the judge, as well as proof of the payments made in the signing of the Brazilian forward, plus financial documents for 2011, 2012 and 2013.

However, the judge and the prosecutors are of the opinion that Barca have not disclosed the complete information. Investigation agencies want to check Neymar’s contract with Santos (including reports of audit firms), FIFA documents related to the transfer and Neymar’s contract with “Neymar and Neymar” (previous owner of playing rights of the player).

Rossell Era at Barca: Most Memorable Chapter of Clubs’ History

Whatever the outcome of Rossell’s resignation, Blaugrana fans will remember his era as the most memorable of history. Rosell replaced Joan Laporta as President of the Catalans on July 1, 2010; he always ensured that Barca continued a incredible run that had begun midway through the last decade. Barca won incredible 9 titles during Rosell’s 36 months at the club including 2 La Liga’s and 1 Champions League.

With Barca sitting atop La Liga right now and still having an interest in both the Copa and the Champions League, the club are well on the way to another memorable season. Rosell has arguably given much more than he’s taken away from the club. He leaves with the Blaugrana still champions of Spain and oversaw one of the best seasons on record not three years ago. Rosell’s Barcelona was a very, very successful one.

Permanent Scratch on Brand of FC Barcelona

Motto of Futbol Clu de Barcelona’s is Més que un club: More than just a club. And the both club players and fans pride themselves on its spotlessness. A symbol of Catalan culture, Barcelona has always painted a picture that it worships democracy, transparency and charity.

The ongoing Rosell-Neymar affair could have a catastrophic effect on this squeaky-clean image that Barcelona have created. However, The result of the investigation remnants uncertain and the club management insist they have done nothing wide of the mark. However, Barcelona realistically face the hazard of becoming as notorious for their involvement with the Neymar transfer and fans are just hoping that the club recovers from this forgettable part of their history as soon as possible.