Manchester City‘s Samir Nasri has spoken of the disappointment he is feeling at being left out of France’s World Cup squad by Deschamps

The Manchester City player was left out of France manager Didier Deschamps’s squad for the World Cup in Brazil. This came as a double surprise to many as the 26 year old enjoyed a relatively good season.

Surprised, and aghast at being left out for the second time, Nasri has said that he is prepared to consider his international future.The City man also said that he had a hunch about not being involved in Deschamps’s plans for the World Cup, as the France manager ‘did not want to speak to him’, but his exclusion still came as a shock.

I was prepared. I knew before, sometimes you have the feeling. When you want to speak with the manager, but he doesn’t want to speak with you, you know that you’re not going to go to the World Cup!

“I was prepared mentally. It was a shock but I was prepared mentally, so I’m OK.”

Premier League fans, especially the Manchester City fans were surprised about Nasri’s exclusion after the Frenchman enjoyed a good season both personally, and collectively as a City player after the Sky Blues lifted the Premier League and League Cup trophies. He scored 12 goals and grabbed 13 assists in 40 appearances for the club this season in all competitions.

“When people are talking like that, it means at some point you did something good. So it’s a good thing. What can I say? I respect his choice. He wanted not to pick me, good on him.

“I wish good luck to the French national team and I need to take some time now to think about the national team, because it has been twice now that they have taken a World Cup away from me.”

When asked why he chose to omit Nasri from the squad, Deschamps said, “He is a starter at City, which is not the case with France, and he has made it clear that he is not happy when he is a substitute – and I can tell you it can be felt in the squad.”

But Nasri was not ready to accept the ‘excuse’ given to him by his France manager:

“It’s a little bit hard to accept. Everything has been said. You can go around and ask any player if they are happy to be on the bench. No one is going to say yes.

“If that is the only excuse that they find, it is a little hard to accept”

“I need to think a little bit, during the holiday, about what will be my future in the national team.

“Missing two World Cups, it’s really hard for a player.”

The reason cited by many observers of the French national team is that Nasri’s omission was not due to the lack of his footballing abilities, but because he is perceived as a ‘troublemaker’ in the squad and the French team which is infamous for having a lot of bust-ups in important, prestigious occasion, can’t risk one. Nasri’s girlfriend too, was not happy about the fact and expressed her discontent through her Twitter profile

She did clarify that her reference was just to the French national team and not to the whole of France.