After a opening match 3-0 defeat against Atletico de Kolkata, the Gods have further revoked their smiles upon the Ranbir Kapoor co-owned Mumbai Franchisee, as Captain Inspirational Syed Rahim Nabi is believed to be out for three weeks following an Ankle Injury.

A 39th minute collision resulted in consequent stretching off, and a further injury. The Indian International is believed to be suffering from a contusion over the Left Ankle, due to possible twisting of the joint. However, the MRI scan reveals neither a fracture nor a ligament tear, but sights of ‘heavy’ sprains on the left ankle, are suspected. Infected with an Ankle cast, Nabi returned to Mumbai, on Monday, to begin his Medical treatment.

Syed Nabi who is a natural leader, good communicator and a bubbly character, according to gaffer Peter Reid, would be sorely missed by the Mumbai Franchisee.

The unfortunate exclusion of Nabi, is set to take a further toll on the franchisee, as the club now lacks experience and depth in the wingback positions. However, with Nicolas Anelka and Freddie Ljungberg set to play their parts soon, it would be right to say, that Mumbai will now try to outscore their opponents, a feature lacked in their opening fixture.

Mumbai City FC take on FC Pune City, in perhaps the first ever ‘Maharashtra Derby’ in Indian Super League, on 18th October.