Jose Mourinho has revealed that Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers congratulated him on Chelsea‘s performance in the 2-0 victory at Anfield.

Jose Mourinho has revealed that Brendan Rodgers has congratulated him on Chelsea’s win against Liverpool after taking a dig at his tactics after the match.

Mourinho, preparing for Wednesday evening’s Champions League semi-final second leg at Stamford Bridge, said that Rodgers sent him a message on Tuesday to clarify his controversial post-match comments.

Rodgers, clearly annoyed with the result of the match, said then:

“I think there were two buses parked today, never mind one”

“It is not difficult to coach, putting 10 players on the edge of the 18-yard box.”

Rodgers had gone on to say that it is more difficult to teach how to get the breakthrough in those kinds of situations. The Liverpool boss had also said that he felt that his side were the better team in the match.

The Portuguese, who brought Rodgers to Chelsea during his first spell, was happy with Rodgers’ changed view of the match.  Chelsea kept their slim hopes of the title alive by taking three points from the particular match. They also put Liveprool’s title prospects out of the Reds’ own hands. Mourinho was criticised by a few areas of the media and by Rodgers then, for his defensive set-up which included a lot of unwarranted time-wasting etc.

“You know pundits are pundits and I don’t want to comment a lot,” Mourinho said.

“Brendan is a manager and is somebody that I consider my friend. I met him a long time ago when he was a very young coach coaching kids.

“Of course, I know his words after the match but I also know his words today and today he told me congratulations for a great victory and a great performance.

“Especially because he’s somebody I consider a friend and I like, I prefer to forget the words after the match and I keep the words of today.

“He’s an intelligent guy, I believe that after the match he watched the match on video and I think now he understood what happened.”

Mourinho is on the verge of reaching his third Champions League final with three different clubs. The manager said that he is becoming frustrated with criticism of his team’s defensive tactics against Atletico and then Liverpool.

“Football is full of philosophers — people who understand much more than me. It’s amazing. But the reality is always the reality. I remember to say in my first period here, if you have a goalkeeper like Petr Cech who puts the ball in the opponents’ box, and a striker like Didier Drogba who wins everything in the air, why play short? Because you are stupid,” he said

“If your opponents are very fast on the counter and want space behind your defensive line, if you give them that space you are stupid. In this moment, depending on the coach and the club obviously, the critics they speak. But, no problem.When Atletico has the ball, we have to defend. When we have the ball we have to attack. This is football, the football that I know. You have the ball, you have to try and play according to the qualities of your players and the qualities of your opponents.”