Arguably the father of modern day ‘football’ sarcasm, Jose Mourinho has once again reverted to his old antics. The Special One, has been renowned for talking a good game, but surpassed his own high standards of verbosity as he took chewing the cud to almost literal levels after his side’s first defeat since April. Chelsea FC suffered a defeat against Newcastle United on Saturday, ending their 14 match unbeaten streak in the Premier League. Chelsea although pulled a goal back in the dying embers of the game and made it an exciting contest, Jose Mourinho believes that the Newcastle United faithful wasted ‘time’ and the special one accused the ballboy for Chelsea’s defeat.

Mourinho was asked if he would encourage a similar course of action at Stamford Bridge, should the title depended on it. “You may as well put a cow in the middle of the pitch, walking,” came a stern reply.

“If you do that, then you can stop the game, because there is a cow. You can’t do just anything in football. Bring the bus, yes, but the game needs a ball. Do what you can to win, but don’t resort to anything.” he added.

Mourinho meanwhile expressed his anguish at the ball, he said ““We wanted to play more football, but it was not possible because of a few things I thought didn’t belong any more to top-level football, but still belong here,The ball disappeared, the ball doesn’t come, another ball comes, the ball boys run away. These kinds of situations that are, unfortunately, still part of the game. But no complaints.”

The Special One has obviously got a ‘taste of his own medicine’ as Mourinho himself has reverted to time wasting antics and tricks. Most notably against Liverpool away, last season where Steven Gerrard slipped and gave Chelsea FC a slender lead around the half way point. Mourinho, then acclaimed his team’s structure and compactness. Luis Suarez also wrote about Mourinho’s time wasting antics that day but the Special One rubbished Suarez’s book saying ‘I would never write a S*** book’.

Mourinho once again turned a blind eye towards Newcastle United’s performances and accused their defeat as ‘unlucky’.

“We were unlucky. The best team lost. The team that tried to win, lost. It’s a lucky day for Newcastle, but that’s football. Congratulations to Newcastle.”

Thankfully the Special One, did not aim his gun at referee, Martin Atkinson, “I’d be very disappointed if the first defeat had arrived because of a big refereeing mistake or my team being complacent, I’d be very sad. But that’s not the case, the referee was very good and my players tried everything to win. We were unlucky – but one day we will be lucky.”

Chelsea FC with a loss against Newcastle United still sit on the top of the Premier League, but following Manchester City’s 1-0 win against Everton, Chelsea FC’s lead has been cut to a three points.