Chelsea FC’s Jose Mouinho has blatantly rejected the idea of retrospective action against divers and blamed that players are often punished for silly comments on Facebook and Instagram. The Chelsea FC boss said, that it would be a ‘disaster’ to punish divers, retrospectively. Perhaps, Mourinho has his own agendas when it comes to punishing divers. Chelsea FC’s prolific striker Diego Costa was punished with a yellow card, when Chelsea FC squared things off against Hull City. Moreover, that match also had an instance of horrendous diving by another Mourinho player, named Gary Cahill. Chelsea FC’s Gary Cahill, who is known for his imposing figure, fell down like theatrically. Hull City’s gaffer Steve Bruce condemned this antic by the English International and claimed that Cahill fell down, “like something out of Swan Lake”.

These incidences which have plagued the Premier League recently, have called for an independent panel to review and punish players who dive, with former referee Mark Halsey suggesting it is the “only one real solution”.

But Chelsea FC’s special one, Jose Mourinho believes that this action would spin things out of control.

“The independent panels don’t do their job well in any case.” said Mourinho 

“When you go to an independent panel to analyse and suspend players by video evidence, it is a disaster. It is a disaster.

“I remember last season, and I don’t want to say the names of clubs or players, you had players and clubs punished by panels and you had clubs and players protected by panels.

“I saw somebody kick a player on the floor, hit him in the back – no suspension. I saw others with minor things being suspended.

Moruinho, edged his usual robust self and dished out another comment which whirred around as naive and perhaps idiotic. The Special one said, “”Players are punished for silly comments on Facebook, Instagram and this kind of thing, and players are not punished for other things.”

“You speak one week about one dive that, for me, was not even a dive – you don’t speak about Filipe Luis who could be in this moment in the hospital having big surgery on his knee or in his leg.

“Independent panels are the same ones that last season analysed my situation against Aston Villa and I was punished and suspended because I tried to help, so for me panels only favour the ones who always have the favours.” he added.

Although Chelsea FC’s boss might have his own agendas, there can be no denying that there is some amount of truth in his accusations. Chelsea FC face an away trip to Stoke City and will hope that their impeccable form continues and works it’s magic in the Britannia Stadium.