Jose Mourinho believes, that his ‘second coming’ might be a start of a new era for Chelsea. Although the 51 year old still remains skeptic about an unbeaten season, he was more than happy to express his thoughts on his side’s extra-ordinary run of form.

“This is a new team, a new era for Chelsea. We are obviously happy with the squad and the quality of football but no team gets into history without trophies and, at the moment, this team has no trophies.”

Although Chelsea might not have trophies at this point, the Blues are running way ahead of the rest of the teams, in the Premier League. Chelsea have not lost a single match thus far, and some pundits have even put bets for the Blues to match Arsenal’s Invincibles. Chelsea have also impressed in the Champions League and are favorites to finish top of their Group.

A 2-1 victory for Chelsea, following a Diego Costa goal, escalated the league leaders to 29 points, six points above second placed Southampton. Although Liverpool did take an early league, Chelsea made an impressive comeback to sink the hosts, who now reel at seventh with fourteen points.

“It was a fantastic performance. The players as individuals all had a great performance and as team they were in control,” Chelsea gaffer Jose Mourinho told BT Sports.

“One point at Anfield, most teams would accept that as a great result. This team did not accept that and I am really, really pleased.’ added the 51 year old

“I was on the bench in the second half and for me it did not look the normal pressure you feel at Anfield because my team is fantastic,” Mourinho said.

After conceding early in the game, Chelsea bounced back, first through a Gary Cahill goal and then took the lead, following a Diego Costa shot.

Although, Liverpool had some bright spots in the game, the Reds rarely tested Chelsea’s Courtois. Liverpool even had a penalty shout, following a Gary Cahill handball, but the referee dismissed all appeals.

“I thought Liverpool tried everything, they did well, but Chelsea was the best team. My previous team started winning in 2004-05 and the same team won year after year, trophies after trophies.” commented Mourinho

“As a team and as individuals it was a great performance. The team is under control and has a big personality.’

“But to be fair I must award Ramires and Cesc Fabregas and my medical department, they did fantastic work on them and they were fantastic to resist the problems they had.’

“Fabregas may have a problem for the next match, we gambled everything on a hamstring problem and the medical department and I decided he could play.”  added Mourinho 

With this win, Chelsea go into the international break – heads held high. The November curse which Chelsea are famous for, has been rightly dismantled for good by Jose Mourinho and his blue army. However, the season is far from settled and Chelsea face a West Bromich Albion side, when the take to Stamford Bridge on the 22nd of November.