Chelsea FC’s manager Jose Mourinho, has laughed off at the squad rotation policy and believes that Chelsea FC does not need to rotate players, in order to win the Premier League. Mourinho, further added that he does not feel pity for players who are left out of the starting XI. Chelsea FC, meanwhile travel to the Britannia Stadium to take Stoke City. With Manchester City winning 3-0 against Crystal Palace, pressure would have mounted on Chelsea FC’s impeccable squad to grab all three point, against Stoke. Still, with Chelsea FC entering the busy Christmas season, Mourinho does not believe that squad rotation is the key of any team’s success.

‘It’s not difficult for me to leave players out. Everybody has to be ready to sacrifice for the team, to give everything for the team, not to be selfish.’ said Mourinho

‘This is the way I want a team to be. Mikel, for example, it was the first time he played against Newcastle and he was our best player.

Chelsea FC suffered their first defeat of their Premier League campaign, against Newcastle United. Unlike Mourinho, many Chelsea FC believe that it was Obi Mikel’s inability to control the midfield, unlike Matic, which proved to be the sucker punch. John Obi Mikel, has also been harshly criticized by Chelsea FC fans in the past and has often been dubbed as ‘dead weight’.

‘How can he be our best player if he didn’t play in three months? Because he was working every day at the top level.’ Moruinho, pointed towards Obi Mikel. 

‘I just put the team up. Do I explain it? No,’ said the Portuguese. ‘It’s my decision. Players may not be happy or not agree with the decision, but they know my decision is not to favour somebody or to punish somebody.

Although Mourinho has been always known as a father figure to his team, ‘unrest’ has also been noticed in his reign. The Special One, clashed swords against Iker Casillas, when he was in Real Madrid.

However, in Chelsea FC, Mourinho has always been loved and adored. Still, with big-names not getting playing time, there could be some level of unrest within the team, in times to comes.

Meanwhile, Chelsea FC are sitting comfortably on top of the Premier League with thirty nine points. Chelsea FC would look to build on their impressive form and grab all three points, when they play away to Stoke City.