Chelsea FC’s gaffer Jose Mourinho, has expressed his distaste towards the Portugal job, and said that he would turn down the chance to manage his country’s National Team. Mourinho, who is well renowned for his audacity, said that the Portugal FA, tried to approach him for the managerial position, but like his blatant self, Mourinho rejected. Talking to BT Sports, Moruinho, exposed this offer.

 ‘No. They tried to take me lots of times and was only one time I accepted because it was a part-time job.’ he said. 

‘I wanted to do the same time club and national team, and at the time I wanted to accept. But my president at the time decided not to let me do the national team job.’

‘After that I reflected and I have to agree it was not possible to do both jobs at the same time. It’s not even ethical for a manager to have two jobs with so many managers without one job, it’s not acceptable.’

Mourinho, who drove clubs like Porto and Inter Milan to European success, was also linked to the England job, but admits, that his wife was right in guiding him to turn down the role.

‘She was right. It’s too early for me. I love the day-by-day, I love to play, I love the pressure of the day-by-day, the training, the travelling, the matches, the competitiveness.

‘I remember clearly there was a moment where the next match for England would be in Paris, France v England, a friendly match. And I was already thinking about who to select, who to play, how to do it.

‘She came to me and said, “When is the next match?”, “Ah the next match is in two months”. “What are you doing for two months, what are you doing, what are you thinking?”, she was saying, “Forget it, it’s not for you, maybe in 20 years.’

Mourinho, clearly expressed his liking towards the daily challenges faced, when managing a club, rather than a National Team.

Meanwhile, Jose Mourinho’s current club team Chelsea FC, are cherishing life in the Premier League. The former Real Madrid boss, has upped Chelsea’s ante and their impressive start to this Premier League campaign, is more than an evidence of that. Cheslea, are currently top of the Premier League and sit comfortably three points ahead of second placed Manchester City.

Mourinho, guided Chelsea to a 2-0 win over Stoke City, on Monday.