Chelsea FC’ boss Jose Mourinho’ allegations on referees, has not gone down well with former Manchester United player, Gary Neville. Mourinho, blatantly accused referees of a ‘hidden campaign’ against Chelsea FC. But, Neville believes that comments such as these, are Mourinho’s tact to put Premier League referees under pressure for the rest of the campaign. Mourinho, also said that it was a ‘scandal’ against Chelsea FC, referring to the decisions made when Chelsea entertained West Ham. However, not all agree with the former Porto manager and Neville for one, certainly does not.

Neville told Sky Sports he believes Mourinho knows there is no campaign against Chelsea from referees, but insists he is planting a seed to put referees under pressure in the future.

“He has planted a seed for the rest of the season,” Neville said. “He’ll probably take a fine for that.

“What Mourinho has done today has said he’s drawing a line in the sand and said ‘I’m not accepting this any more’, letting the referees know this is unacceptable for the rest of the season.

“The campaign bit is him saying he’s not having this anymore.”

 “It’s what teams that are going for the title do. Historically, you put pressure on, you plant seeds, he won’t think for one minute there’s a campaign against Chelsea.”

Former Liverpool player Graeme Souness, also agreed with Neville and asserted that there is nobody better than Mourinho, when it comes to pressurizing referees.

“He’s drawn attention to it and is basically trying to put referees under pressure. And nobody does it better.” said Souness

Although Chelsea FC were held by high flying Southampton to a 1-1 draw, the Londoners still reside at the top of the Premier League table, thanks to Burnley City, who dished out a 2-2 draw against second placed Manchester City.

Chelsea FC, as expected dominated their fixture against Southampton, but were victims to a Sadio Mane goal in the first half, after a defensive howler by John Terry, which saw him playing Mane, onside. The Blues, re-surged back into the game and scored viz Eden Hazard, in the dying embers of the first half. Although Mourinho, would rue the opportunity of going six points clear at the top of the table, he would be satisfied that City have not caught up with Chelsea and the three point difference is still intact.