Days after, former Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson, expressed his liking towards current Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho, the latter has exposed his ‘good’ relationship with the former. Jose Mourinho believes that his relationship with Fergie, is very close and the two share a special bond. Despite on-field rivalries, the duo respected each other off-field and often met for a drink. The duo, also followed the age old tradition of managers sharing a cup of red, after their sides clashed swords on the pitch. Talking to BT Sports, Mourinho lauded Fergie as a talented manager and an even better person.

‘Everything, his talent, the time he put his talent at the service of Manchester United and football in general.’ said Mourinho

The passion that he has put in to everything, and after that in private moments, obviously, a good friend, a good person, a fantastic sense of humour. I like him very, very much.

Now and again I’ve had questions to put to him and the way he has answered to me was always magnificent and a great support.’

Mourinho, further elaborated on their first meeting, over a glass of wine.

‘It was Chelsea Football Club catering that bought the wine, and obviously the wine was not the top quality that the boss deserves. It was quite funny but disappointing.

‘So the next time we play against each other, I called a friend and I told him, the best I want the best.

‘And from that moment always the same bottle when I play against the boss.’

Surprisingly, Mourinho attended the same show, on which Fergie called the former Porto manager, ‘unfair’. Ironically, Mourinho, has move past all that, which is quiet evident and bolstered his relationship with Ferguson.

Mourinho’s Chelsea FC, meanwhile are three points clear on the top of the Premier League table. Mourinho, guided Chelsea to a 2-0 win over Stoke City, on Monday night. With the hectic Christmas period ahead, Mourinho will hope that Chelsea FC, continue with their scintillating form.

Manchester City’s victory against Crystal Palace, could amount pressure on Chelsea, but given the squad depth, that the Blues possess, it might pan out to be a one horse race. Chelsea, have already been dubbed as favorites for the Premier League title, by many fans and critics, alike.