Ever since he moved to Spain as a kid, Lionel Messi has been synonymous with Barcelona, so much so that it is impossible to visualize him playing for any other club. If asked, most fans around the world, knowledgeable and otherwise, would tell you that Messi will retire at Barcelona itself.

However, it seems that might not be the case after all, according to Messi himself. While giving an interview to a newspaper, Ole, “Today I live in the present. I want to make a great year and win titles with Barcelona. And nothing more.

Then we’ll see. Football takes many turns… While I always said that I would always stay there, sometimes not everything happens the way you want.

Yes, I said it many times. That if I had my way I would stay forever. But as I just said, it’s not always given that you get everything you like. More so in football, which is constantly changing and so many things happen. It’s complicated.”

Messi also seemed to be indicating that Barcelona’s current lack of form and the fact that they did not win any silverware last season could play a part in his decision, if things continue the same.

He said, “’Barcelona is a very big club. And when you lose two games in a row, problems begin to crop up and critics come out from all sides … crazy stuff, the same as with the (Argentine) national team.”

Obviously, Barcelona without Messi would not be the same, and the fans would certainly revolt if the club ever harboured ambitions of selling their star player. But if Messi decides to leave in search of another challenge or if he wants to back to his hometown, there is not much anyone can do to stop it from happening.

At least to keep him happy, Barcelona needs to find a cure for their indifferent form and start winning titles again, as there are more than enough clubs in the world who would sign Messi without a second thought!