After his goal was the only difference between Manchester United and Crystal Palace, Juan Mata is all fired up to face an Arsenal side that has made a habit of making a hash of seemingly simple things. While they did get a much needed 3 points that keeps them closer to the top 4, it will be games against fellow Top 4 challengers like Arsenal that could prove to be the difference for who makes the cut.

Speaking after the game, Mata said that the win gave the team some much needed confidence, and while the international break comes at a wrong time for the team, the Spaniard is already raring to face the gunners in the next Premier League game.

Writing on his personal blog, Mata said, “Winning this weekend was very important. We came from a few weeks without victories and these three points take us near the teams at the top, and encourage us to keep working hard and improving our game. Obviously, we know there is still a lot to do in order to get where we want to, but it’s easier when you win.”

It will be interesting to see if the Red Devils would be able to take advantage of an Arsenal team that is not in the best of forms.

Meanwhile, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger seems to have thrown in the towel in terms of winning the league as he claimed that Chelsea were clear favourites to win the title.

He said, “At the moment Chelsea are on course for 100 points this season. If you look at the number of points they have today, if they keep that up nobody will catch them, that’s for sure. There doesn’t look to be anybody capable to challenge them at the moment.”

Despite it being only 11 games into the season, the Gunners are already a massive 12 points behind the league leaders, and unless there is a giant cock-up from the pensioners, it is hard to see how Arsenal can hope to make a comeback. And here’s the thing: even if Chelsea do drop points like it was a hot potato, Arsenal should be able to take advantage of such a scenario. The way it has panned out for them over the past few seasons, it is difficult to see an Arsene Wenger side being ruthless enough to be able to do that.

At this point, it looks like Alexis Sanchez is the only one who wants to win the game, with the rest trying to score glory points, and in the end making silly mistakes that have resulted in gifted points to the opposition.