Manchester United striker Robin Van Persie has come out in defence of Van Gaal’s managerial tactics at Old Trafford and has expressed his enthusiasm over the club’s summer signings.

Van Gaal has been criticised for adopting Hollands 3-5-2 formation at Old Trafford as it has failed to result in a single win for Manchester United so far this season. The formation has been dismissed by the Britisih media with many suggesting that Van Gaal must adapt to the English Premier League if he is to succeed at Old Trafford.

However Robin Van Persie has come out in support for Van Gaal and insisted that the players must adapt to the manager’s formation or perish.

“It’s plain and simple. The manager chooses his tactics. We, the players, have nothing else to do than to execute what the manager has in his mind.”

The Dutchman believes that the players must not concern themselves with the team’s tactics and formations and should only focus on executing their manager’s instructions on the field.

“Tactics and formation are matters of the manager and his staff, not something the players must get involved in. We, the players, have not been educated as coaches. We are players, we play. I don’t think we should even want to get involved in tactical discussions.”

Van Persie further revealed that even as the captain of Holland, playing under Van Gaal, he never questioned the manager and his decisions regarding team tactics and formations. He also added that the controversy regarding the 3-5-2 formation cannot be used as an excuse for not winning games.

“As captain of Holland I may have the right to get involved in tactical discussions, but even there I choose not to. Whether it is 4-3-3, 3-5-2, nothing can be an excuse for another defeat. We have to adapt to every manager. There’s not one way or method in football.”

Van Persie further congratulated Manchester United on signing players like Angel Di Maria and Radamel Falcao and insisted that he felt excited at the prospect of training with players of such quality.

“For me personally, it’s brilliant to go and play with some of the best players in the world. It’s great that I can go and train and play with them every day.”

It now remains to be seen if Manchester United’s summer extravaganza can live up to the billing and help the club win their first Premier League game this weekend.