Despite a 2-1 defeat to Swansea in the first game of the new season, Manchester United boss insists that he is in no hurry to make any new signings as he wants to give his players a fresh trial.

Following a very disappointing season under David Moyes, Manchester United brought in two players so far this summer-Luke Shaw and Ander  Herrera. Louis Van Gaal has shown that he is in no hurry to sign players, and continues to insist that it will take around 3 months for his ‘philosophy’to seep into the club.

“I want to assess my team and I can only judge when I am the trainer-coach. And I transfer my philosophy and I know how they perform my philosophy. That is what I am doing.”

Van Gaal insists that he is going to give every player a fair trial at the club before making any signings. Hence he believes that he has two weeks with him, stating that one can buy a player in a matter of 24 hours.

“Not only with the players that have trained and played football in the United States, but now I give these other players a chance for two weeks. I think that is honest. Then we have to wait and wait. You can buy a player in 24 hours, believe me. That is not a problem.”

“I could discuss this [specific targets] with you but I won’t do that. I will discuss it with Ed Woodward, not with you.”

Meanwhile Wayne Rooney has defended the club from critics by stating that the players are not out to prove anyone wrong but are concentrating on winning things for the fans and themselves.

“We are not out to prove people wrong. We are out to win things for ourselves, the fans and this club.”

“We know last season was a disaster. It wasn’t good enough. And it’s always a bigger story when Manchester United struggle – you are going to get ex-players having their say. We have to accept it and be ready for it.”

But Ronney insists that the club will try their best to not give the naysayers an opportunity to hurt the club, saying that Manchester United will bounce back strong under Van Gaal.

“We know that if this club is successful it is great and if it is not then there are a lot of people who are waiting for you to fall so they can get at you. We have to make sure we are successful. We have to make sure last season was a one-off because that was not good enough.”