Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal has revealed that all the players in the current squad will have the scope to prove their worth.

Louis van Gaal, who took over at Manchester United after a wonderful tournament in Brazil with the Dutch national team, has insisted that all the players in the squad will have an opportunity to prove their worth. The former Ajax coach has also promised to deliver his best in order to take United back to the top in the Premier League.

Manchester United endured a disappointing season last time around under manager David Moyes, but the fans will have high hopes from their new manager Louis van Gaal, who showed glimpses of his brilliance during the World Cup with the Dutch national team.

Van Gaal has promised that he will give his best to take the Red Devils back to the top.

“When there is a challenge like this, I never let it go. This is a holiday for me. I like the way I can work.

“I will do my utmost best. That’s what I can give. I cannot give predictions [about how well we will do] because you never know. It’s the biggest club of the world. Within two days I know already how important Manchester United is.

“I have to work, I have to prepare a team, I have to adapt to this big club. It shall not be easy but I will do my utmost best and when you see my career you can see what I have won. That’s all I can say. The future shall show if I can do that again.” – The Manchester United manager said in his first presser.

Van Gaal also stressed on why he believes that Manchester United are the biggest club in the world and he is ready to work under the pressure and expectations that follows this club.

“It’s the biggest club because of how well it’s known around the world. In sport, you are never the biggest club because every season you have to be prove. Last year, you were seventh so then you are not the biggest club. But it’s well known all over the world. When I was in China or Brazil, people are talking about United when I was the coach of the Dutch team. That’s the difference. There’s a lot of expectation but it’s also a great challenge because of that. Therefore, I have chosen this club. I worked for Barcelona – in my opinion, number one in Spain. I’ve coached Ajax – number one in the Netherlands, and I’ve coached Bayern Munich” – van Gaal added.

The former Bayern Munich boss also insisted that all the players in the squad will have a chance to prove themselves before he decides to bring in new players.

“My method is always the same. I want to look at the players now, the present players. Of course I know how the players play, but I don’t know the players under my coaching. In the first three or four weeks I want to see what they can do. Then maybe I will buy other players.

“The players we have bought – Shaw and Herrera – they were already on the list. I gave my approval because I like them. First I want to see the players performing under my philosophy and how quickly they can pick up this philosophy. Now, I haven’t worked with most of them so we have to wait and see. It’s very important there’s a ‘click’ between players and the manager.” – He said.