Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal has said that his “iron shield” will protect from Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea.

Manchester United’s defence have looked vulnerable this season as they sit well behind Chelsea in the Premier League points table. But Louis Van Gaal feels that his “iron shield” is enough to protect his club from Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea.

“I am [made] from a little bit of iron,” Van Gaal said. He was speaking in a press conference ahead of Sunday’s match. “So I have a shield, an iron shield. No [nothing can get past it]. It took me a long time to understand that, but I have learned not to react and believe in myself, my players, my staff and that is important.”

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has never enjoyed healthy relationship with other Premier League clubs but Van Gaals said that he is not aware of the reason behind this. “Why does Mourinho anger other managers? You have to ask him. I don’t know him as a manager. I’m never there [against him]. I knew him as a person and as my assistant manager. But we hardly speak to each other. Sometimes we SMS, but when we see each other, we feel the warmth between us and our families, so that’s nice.”

But Van Gaal accepts that Mourinho is the “Special One” indeed. “He [Mourinho] is very special,” Van Gaal said. “But he is very special for me because I’ve worked with him and we’ve continued our relationship, which in the football world is not always normal. So that’s nice, I think.”

Manchester United have changed the face of their squad this summer but it seems that Louis van Gaal is struggling to find the right balance. But Van Gaal compared his current situation with that Mourinho a year ago and said that it will take some time to bear the fruits of 150 million pounds investment.

“You have to analyse that I have started just three months ago and him [Mourinho] longer,” Van Gaal said. “I’ve said that before. Mourinho has worked more than one year already with his team and last year they didn’t win any prize, so you have to build up and he has built up Chelsea. You have to build up and they are now playing like a team. I want my teams to do that. Play like a team for 90 minutes.”