Admitting that the current season has been more ‘difficult’ than he had imagined, Manchester United manager David Moyes has written to the fans, thanking them for supporting the team as the club stumbles from one failure to another.

Languishing in the seventh spot in the English Premier League, Sir Alex Ferguson’s successor at the United hot chair has found going extremely difficult at Manchester. The former Everton manager seems to have completely lost the confidence of his players after failing to ignite the dressing room with passion and confidence.

In a letter to the fans, David Moyes admitted that the club needs to compensate the fans for their poor display this season. The Scottish manager is well aware that his Manchester United is not one that the fans are used to see on the pitch and is eager to bring the club back to his winning ways.

“While I knew that this job would be a challenge when I took it on, the difficult season we have experienced was not something that I envisaged, which I am sure is the case as well for you supporters – and my players, staff and I are desperate to compensate for that.”

“You are accustomed to seeing a successful Manchester United and the backing you have given the players and me throughout the season has been incredible.”

Though the club is going through a disastrous spell, David Moyes can take consolation in the fact that the fans have not boycotted the Old Trafford. The manager thanked the fans, both away and home, for their continued support and reminded them that supporting the team when it is winning is easy but it calls for true passion to stand by the club when it is not winning.

“Away from home the travelling fans have remained the best in the country while at Old Trafford your unwavering faith has been noticeable and hugely welcomed.”

“Supporting your team when they are winning is easy but much harder when things are not going as well, and the loyalty you have shown us has been magnificent.”

David Moyes is acutely aware that he is centre of all discussion and much is being said and written about the new manager and the manner in which his new team is shaping up. In his letter, he seemed confident of the fact that this tough experience will only strengthen the club in the times to come.

Everywhere we turn people outside the club have a lot to say about Manchester United, but we have all stuck together through some tough times this season and I firmly believe that, in the long run, we will all come out at the other end, stronger for the experiences.

“Everything we have been through will make us a better, stronger team and club in the future.”

The manager took the opportunity to assure the fans that they will continue to witness title-winning sides at Old Trafford and spoke about the need to turn the home stadium back into a fortress it once was under Sir Alex Ferguson.

“Over the years you have seen great winning sides here and, in time, I have absolutely no doubt that we will see great winning sides here again.”

“A big step towards that will be transforming Old Trafford back into the fortress it has long been renowned as, and we will do everything in our power to get the positive performances and results to do that, so that we can give you season ticket holders and all of our supporters something to shout about.”

David Moyes has not been able to capitalise on his resources

David Moyes has not been able to capitalise on his resources

Though the letter appeared to be heart-felt and sincere by David Moyes, there was never any doubt regarding the new manager’s intentions at Manchester United. He cannot really be blamed for not trying to turn United’s fortunes over the past couple of months. The question that has to be asked is if Moyes is really the right man for the job. While the lack of talented players can be used as an argument in favour of David Moyes, the fact that the team has been tactically very mediocre this season is open for all to see.

With the likes of Rooney, Robin Van Persie, Juan Mata, Janujaz and Kagawa in the squad, not being able to earn three points against West Bromwich, Everton, Newcastle United, Tottenham Hotspurs and Stoke City at home is an indication of Moyes failure at United.

The question that is now on everyone’s mind is how patient Manchester United will be with their ‘chosen one’? Will they pull the plug and minimise the damage or will Ferguson’s heir be given a long rope to dangle from?