Following Manchester United’s first leg draw against Bayern Munich on Tuesday , reports suggest that Pep Guardiola could have missed Sir Alex Ferguson’s offer to be his successor due to the lack of proper communication.

A lot has been said about the manner in which David Moyes was appointed as the manager at Old Trafford despite Pep Guardiola, Jose Mourinho and Carlo Ancelotti being available. There were questions asked to why Guardiola was not apprioached for the job and the former Barcelona manager has now admitted that Sir Alex Ferguson took him out for dinner and may have offered him the job at Manchester United.

Having announced his retirement from Barcelona in 2012, Guardiola took a year off from Barcelona and mainly spent it in New York before being appointed as the new manager at Bayern Munich. Following his appointement with the German champions, questions were asked as towhy he wasn’t offered the job or why he chose to ignore it. One of the brightest football minds, Guardiola had all the makings to take over as Sir Slex Ferguson’s successor at Old Trafford but instead chose to move to Bayern Munich towards the end of 2012.

Speaking to the Press, Guardiola revealed that he did go out for dinner with Sir Alex Ferguson after his retirement from Barcelona and believes that his poor understanding of English may have led him to misunderstand Sir Alex Ferguson’s offer for the top job at Old Trafford.

“He invited me to a super restaurant. We spent a very good time together but my English is not so good.”

“So when Sir Alex spoke quickly I didn’t understand him. So maybe I didn’t understand if I received an offer or not.”

“It was a friendly dinner, like always he has with me. He was so gentle and we spent a very good time together.”

Though many believe that this comment was given in a lighter vein, Old Trafford faithful are sure to be disappointed by the idea of Manchester United coming so close to signing Pep Guardiola as the new manager of the club. United’s fall from grace has been blamed entirely on David Moyes as players escape intense scrutiny and many believe that United would have remained a potent force had Guardiola or Mourinho been in charge of the club.

The difference between the two teams was evident on Tuesday night. Though Bayern are better equipped, it is because Guardiola could attract talents like Alacantara while Moyes couldn’t. While Bayern dominated the game right from the start and played the better football, Moyes’ United defended tightly but couldn’t match up to the Germans. Seeing Bayern’s performance, United fans are sure to ponder as to whether the decision to appoint David Moyes was the right one in the light of the emerging fact that Sir Alex Ferguson was indeed in touch with Guardiola.

David Moyes, Sir Alex Ferguson’s ‘Chosen One’ has been so disappointing in his first season at Old Trafford that fans have taken to blaming Ferguson for United’s current slump. The former manager was abused during Manchester City’s visit to Old Trafford and reports suggest that the fans blame him for United’s dramatic failure this season. However Guardiola discarded such reports and believes that it is very wrong to blame Ferguson for United’s downfall.

“I don’t know how Sir Alex Ferguson can have a bad influence on this club. I think it’s completely the opposite. This club was the best club in England thanks to him. He re-organised the club and put the club on another level in this country.”

“It’s good for the Champions League next season. But I am pretty sure Alex Ferguson was the most important person in this club’s history, at least in the last half-century.”

Despite a spirited performance against Guardiola’s Bayern Munich, one cannot help but wonder how different things might have been at Old Trafford if it was Pep who was dubbed as the ‘Chosen One’.