Following David Moyes’ sacking at Manchester United, Sir Alex Ferguson has finally broken his silence, revealing that the manner in which the Chosen One was let go was ‘upsetting’.

24 hours prior to making an official statement regarding David Moyes’ dismissal, reports regarding his sacking had been leaked out to the media which has brought negative attention on Manchester United, accusing the club of handling the manner ‘unprofessionally’.

Having appointed David Moyes himself and backed him for most part of the season, Sir Alex Ferguson has reportedly declared that the conduct of the club regarding Moyes’ dismissal was ‘upsetting’. Speaking at a charity event, he expressed his disappointment in the manner in which the news was leaked out to the media before it being conveyed to Moyes himself.

“It’s upsetting the way it came out.”

David Moyes himself was reportedly furious at the manner in which he was suspended from the club, claiming that the club behaved unprofessionally by leaking the news to the media before informing him about the decision. The League Manager’s Association, who issued David Moyes’ statement after his sacking also expressed its disappointment, claiming that the club had wronged the manager who in his part, had been very respectful towards the club and its traditions.

“The LMA is very disappointed with the nature of David’s departure from Manchester United, and to read extensive reports in the press confirming David’s sacking before David himself had been spoken to officially by the club.”

“Throughout his time at United, David, as he always does, has conducted himself with integrity and professionalism, values that he believes in and that have been strongly associated with the club and its rich tradition.”

“It is therefore sad to see the end of David’s tenure at United being handled in an unprofessional manner.”

Following David Moyes’ dismissal, more skeletons come tumbling out of Old Trafford after reports suggest that the former manager felt let down by Sir Alex Ferguson himself. It was earlier reported that the manager was greatly undermined by the players during his tenure at Old Trafford and this was one of the reasons that led to his sacking. Reports now suggest that Sir Alex Ferguson too distanced himself from his ‘Chosen One’ as the results kept getting worse for Manchester United.

Though it was Sir Alex Ferguson who single-handedly appointed David Moyes as his successor, his support gradually withered away in the light of Moyes’ performance in the last ten months. David Moyes is reportedly left crest-fallen as  he was denied what he was promised when he was appointed as the new manager at Old Trafford. He struggled with Ed Woodward who failed to land Moyes his desired players and though he was promised a hefty war-chest to improve the condition of the squad, he was let go unceremoniously, terminating his 6 year contract.

Thus David Moyes is reportedly rightly grieving the manner in which he was let go by Manchester United. But many argue, that though the club shouldn’t have leaked the news to the media prior to informing him, it was David Moyes’ own doing that ultimately wielded the axe. Unable to take control of the dressing room, he failed miserably on the football pitch, which is ultimately the biggest test for a manager.