Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo has refused to rule out a return Manchester United in future and is confident of the them improving under Louis van Gaal.

Since he joined Real Madrid in 2009, it has almost become mandatory for the Portuguese international to be linked with a return to his former club Manchester United in every transfer window. The 29-year-old has once again accepted the possibility of his return to Old Trafford and believes that the Red Devils will improve under new manager Louis van Gaal.

Ronaldo was asked about a possible reunion with Manchester United, ahead their match on Saturday and the Ballon d’Or winner replied: “Of course, it was one of my favourite clubs, Manchester.

“Everyone knows that every time when I speak about Real Madrid, I should speak about Manchester United. I love it there.

“I was 18 years old, I won everything there. The people treat me like a god there, so I appreciate it and in the future, nobody knows.” – Ronaldo said in an interview.

The Portuguese international also thanked the club and fans for their support throughout the years and labelled them as his season home.

“Some players I am still in contact with because when I was there, I created a good relationship with everybody, not just the players, all the staff around.

“It was like my second family there too so I’ll not forget that the people treated me well.

“I’ll not forget, so I appreciate a lot.

“I love Manchester, to be back, I never know, you never know, football you never know.

“I appreciate this club, for me it’s one of the best clubs in the world and I have passion for this club.

“Of course I’m happy at Real Madrid, it’s my home, it’s my club but Manchester treat me unbelievable so we never know.” – He added.

Manchester United struggled last season in the league under David Moyes, but Ronaldo is confident that the club will have a much better season under new manager Louis van Gaal.

“It will be a better season for sure, my feeling is he is a fantastic coach, he showed it for Holland.

“The team play unbelievable, good football and I hope that Manchester come back like the people know.

“Manchester are so strong, play nice football, with a lot of goals and I’m looking forward, I see Manchester this year much more than the other years.

“I was with Sir Alex when we won the Champions League.

“He came to see me and to speak with me, and Manchester United need him because he’s been there for 20 years at the club and he wins everything, he was a Sir there in England.

“But I think Van Gaal is going to do a fantastic job, he’s experienced manager and I think he’s going to do well for Manchester.” – Ronaldo said before the start of the match.