Bayern Munich president Karl Hopfner has confirmed that the club will not offer Tony Kroos an improved contract as reports suggest that Manchester United have already reached an agreement to sign the German midfielder this summer.

It is no secret that Manchester United have identified Tony Kroos as their main target this summer in a bid to revamp their failing midfield. The Red Devils have frequently scouted the midfielder this season with former manager David Moyes himself visiting Bayern Munich’s games in order to assess the German’s abilities. Former player Paul Scholes has also backed the German, making it clear that if it was upto him, Tony Kroos would be United’s prime target for the summer.

“The first player I’d bring in is Toni Kroos.”

“He’s a top-class central midfield player but United need five or six to get anywhere near the top of the Premier League again.”

The midfielder himself is not satisfied with Bayern Munich after he was denied a contract that would put him on parity with the likes of Ribery and Lahm. Talks of a contract renewal has since then completely failed between the player and the club and the midfielder has made it clear that he will take a decision regarding his future after the World Cup. However, his current  contract runs only till 2015 which means that Bayern Munich will be forced to sell the midfielder this summer or risk losing on a free transfer. The fact that he has only a single year left on his contract will mean that he can be signed on for a relatively lower price, ensuring a hefty contract in return.

Bayern Munich President has made it clear that the player will not be offered a new contract in the coming months. He did reiterate that talks with Kroos will continue but that Bayern Munich is bound by financial constraints and hence cannot offer the player a more luxurious contract.

“It was the same with Michael Ballack [before his free transfer to Chelsea in 2006], we withdrew our offer at one point. Kroos is under contract until 2015.”

“There will certainly be more talks. But eventually the player has to say what he wants. We will not overstep certain financial limits.”

“That’s the state of play, no question.”

When asked if the club will be forced to sell the player, Hopfner was non-committal in his response, suggesting that only time will tell if Tony Kroos does leave Munich.

“I don’t know. Everything changes so fast sometimes.”

Reports suggest that Manchester United have already come to an agreement regarding the German midfielder and will be signing him for £20million after the transfer was approved by United’s new manager, Louis Van Gaal. Though it was David Moyes and his team that did the groundwork to bring Tony Kroos to Old Trafford, the fact that the Dutch manager too believes in the player led Manchester United to arrive at this reported ‘agreement’.

Will The Dutchman Follow His International Manager?

Will The Dutchman Follow His International Manager?

Reports are also linking Dutch winger Arjen Robben with Manchester United though this transfer seems unlikely to materialize. The Red Devils are in urgent need of a quality winger and Robben’s relationship with his international coach, Van Gaal, could swing the transfer in United’s favour. However it is very unlikely that United will invest in a 30 year old winger when the club is looking to build a team for the future.

With a new manager at the helm of things at Old Trafford, it will be interesting to see what the future holds for Manchester United. A lot of players are expected to leave the club while many still are expected to join them this summer.