Manchester United captain Wayne Rooney believes he can still improve as a player and that his best years are yet to come.

Wayne Rooney has not made a good start to this season under new manager Louis van Gaal and he has been criticized by the British media for his bellow par performances for the club. But Rooney believes that he will recover quickly from his bad form and that he is lot more mature now.

“I now know exactly what I want to do on the pitch,” Rooney said. He was speaking to The Sunday Times. “I still believe I can get better as a footballer. In the next three to five years you will see me as a different player. The next two or three I feel could be the best of my career.”

Manchester United won by 2-0 against West Ham yesterday but Rooney received a red card for his foul against Stewert Downing.

Rooney believes that he has learnt many things in past 10 years at Manchester United and overall, he is a better player now.

“I’m at a stage, especially after playing at this club for 10 years, where I’ve picked up a lot about the game – I’ve learnt. When I was younger I wasted far too much energy charging around in the last 15 minutes. I’d be tired, your legs aren’t fresh and you might miss a chance.”

“I’m a better footballer now than I was then. When I was younger I was raw, there were moments when I did spectacular stuff, but now overall my play is better.”

Rooney has been linked with a move away from Manchester United twice in last decade but the captain believes that he is likely to end his career at Old Trafford now. “It’s more than likely I’ll be here for the rest of my career.”

Meanwhile, Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal has said that Wayne Rooney deserved a red card against West Ham United yesterday.

Van Gaal said in a press conference that: “I can see why he made the tackle but I think you have to be far friendlier. He did it too unfriendly and that is maybe his biggest mistake.

“In professional football, you make professional fouls. I’ve seen it happen five or six times today and, professionally, I can understand that.”

Van Gaal also said that the fouls from West Ham players went unpunished. “But I also saw fouls from West Ham that weren’t punished the same way, so that is a little strange. I have seen other professional fouls without yellow or red cards.”