Manchester United might have won six games on the trot after their rout of Liverpool, but their manager Louis Van Gaal feels that his side can do better.

Despite the scoreline of 3-0, Manchester United will once again thank their goalkeeper David De Gea who made some excellent saves to help his side keep a clean sheet. Liverpool had a total of 19 shots with nine of them on target, which gives us a hint of how much work De Gea had to do. Van Gaal revealed, “I think the most important match is always the next match. We have won six matches in a row which is fantastic but we have to improve our playing style and I am saying that nearly every week. Only after the matches against QPR and Hull I have said: ‘OK, we are dominating the game 90 minutes’.

“We could have dominated the game 90 minutes today but we didn’t do that. We gave unnecessary balls away in the second half. We have to improve, but we are very pleased because we know what it is to win against Liverpool. Everybody is happy. My cook is happy, my wife is happy and I am happy,” the Dutchman joked.

Van Gaal tried not to focus on De Gea too much as he felt that it would undermine the effort of the other players, “The team has done very well and De Gea has contributed a big part of that.

“I am not cautious with praise to David de Gea but I am cautious [about] every individual player. We are doing it like a team and the team is winning, not one player. I can mention also other players – the influence of their performance was high – but the press wants always one or two. I could mention more than three. We were very good. I have said once he was fantastic. I want to mention the team instead of individuals. That is my philosophy.”

Rojo’s injury assessment unknown

Considering the type of start  and the injuries list Manchester United had, it was unthinkable that they would win six in a row, but Van Gaal does deserve some credit for turning it around. The former Netherlands manager had to include defender Phil Jones in the starting XI as an unfortunate injury to Marcos Rojo in training ruled him out of the Liverpool game. When asked about the Argentine, Van Gaal commented, “We have to wait and see.

“I am not a doctor. He is in a training session, gets injured and then I have to change my lineup again, which I have to do every week.”

Manchester United will play against 12th placed Aston Villa in their next game on 20th December.