Manchester City boss Pellegrini has revealed his side is short on confidence after home loss against CSKA Moscow in the Champions League.

Manchester City’s hopes of clearing the Champions League group stage received a blow after the Premier League Champions succumbed to a shock home defeat against CSKA Moscow. The defeat means City have only acquired 2 points in 4 Champions League games and are now last in their group. City might not qualify to the knockout stages even if they manage to beat Bayern Munich and AS Roma in their remaining group-stage fixtures.

“It is a crisis of confidence and we must find out why by talking to the players every day,” said Pellegrini.

“We must try to find out what happens with this team in the Champions League. These players are important players so I don’t understand why they cannot play in the Champions League.

“You can never imagine you are out when the maths says you are still in. We must try to work hard and get back to our normal style of play.”

Pellegrini also refused to cite bloopers from Greek referee Tasos Sidiropolous as the reason for his side’s performance. The referee ignored late penalty appeals by Sergio Aguero, and also spared CSKA’s Pontus Wernbloom – who had already been booked – a red card by mistakenly cautioning Sergei Ignashevich.

The manager said, “The difference was not just the referee. I don’t want to have any excuses about the way we played. I don’t want to link the referee with the result.

“The referee must decide if they are red cards or not red cards or whether it is a penalty or not. It is more important for me to analyse why we are not playing in the way we normally play.”

Meanwhile, City captain Vincent Kompany was frustrated with the referee for booking the wrong man and declared the decision laughable.

“Getting the wrong man is laughable,” he said. “I do believe a bit in karma so we are being unlucky now (and) at some point in the season it has to go our way.”

The captain however insisted that he believes the club has the ability to turn the situation around. “Everyone will jump on the bandwagon,” he said. “I go the other way. I believe in my team. I back everyone at this club 100% to turn it around.”

Manchester City are now into their 4th successive Champions League campaign. The Premier League club has failed to clear the group stage twice and were eliminated in the round of 16 last season.