Liverpool FC striker, Luis Suarez, claims that he can never accept defeat, even in his personal life.

The Premier League’s red-hot striker believes that he learned to fight for his basic needs right from an early age and that the will to fight is deeply ingrained in him even after his success.

The Uruguayan striker has had to fight for many things in life right from an early age and believes that this obsession does affect his personal life outside football. Luis Suarez has previously justified his antics on the pitch due to the troubled childhood he experienced in Uruguay. According to reports, Suarez was forced to steal food as a child and these harsh experiences have stayed with him till date.

“I can never lose. I don’t like that…When I was a child I never liked to lose. From seven years old I started to do competitions and things like that and I never liked to lose…and even now, when I go onto the pitch sometimes 100 per cent it’s from the street.”

The striker believes that it was football that saved him from the grips of poverty and hence he continues to work towards getting better.

“I have worked very hard in my life to stay at this level and I can’t miss one ball, because I love football,”

“But now sometimes I’m another person because you try your best, you perform and you change. But it depends on the moment.”

Luis Suarez has been Liverpool’s go-to-man this season and been on an excellent form for the reds. The league’s highest goal-scorer, his hunger to succeed is evident in his game. Dubbed to be on his way out of Anfield at the start of the season, Suarez seems to have accepted Liverpool and is working hard to restore the old glory at the club.

Liverpool are in a good position in the league this season and are expected to qualify for Champions League next year, a tournament that has woefully eluded them in recent years. And the success can be attributed to Suarez and his blossoming partnership with Sturridge at the heart of Liverpool’s attack.

Liverpool visit Manchester United on Sunday and Suarez will be looking to remain as ‘hungry’ as possible if they are beat United in their own backyard. Liverpool already won their last encounter and another win over their arch rivals will help them consolidate their position in the league. United on the other hand are looking to lay a late siege in their campaign as David Moyes cannot afford to have another defeat at the hands of Liverpool

It will be interesting to see how Moyes plans to keep Suarez subdued for 90 minutes at the Old Trafford for the striker can surely turn the game in his favour if given a free rein.  As hungry for success as ever, the Uruguayan striker is a United’s biggest threat on Sunday.