Real Madrid boss Carlo Ancelotti has a meeting with club President Florentino Perez today and they have decided to step up the pursuit of Liverpool striker Luis Suarez.

Spanish sports daily Marca reports that: “It was Luis Suárez who was the dish-of-the-day on the menu that Carlo Ancelotti, Florentino Pérez and José Ángel Sánchez enjoyed during their meeting at the ‘Señorío de Alcocer’ restaurant. The Liverpool striker represents the icing on the cake. The superstar would make the European championship superstar team – already looking towards their eleventh Champions League win – shine even brighter.”

Real president Florentino Perez has made it a habit to sign a new “galactic” every summer and Premier League’s highest goal scorer of last season the “chosen one” for this transfer window.

Suarez was the best player of Premier League last season and Liverpool came very close to winning the title because of his brilliant efforts throughout the season. The Uruguayan has long been the target of Real Madrid as they tried to sign him last summer as well. However, Liverpool management refused to sell him but now, it appears that Real Madrid management is hot on their pursuit and has already started planning to make a first offer for the player.

Real Madrid are known for their public pursuit of the players they want with Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo are the latest examples and the glamour of the club is such that it becomes almost impossible to decline the playing opportunity for the most successful club in the history of football.

Meanwhile, it is being reported that Luis Suarez himself is very keen to play for Real Madrid, a club much bigger than Liverpool. Suarez signed his contract last year only but it is understood that he will happily move to Spanish club once any opportunity comes up.

Luis Suarez’s desire to play for Real Madrid was made public yesterday by his lawyer Alejandro Babi. He said: “A year ago he was very likely to leave Liverpool.Now I think it is very difficult because he is an idol, although clubs can offer a lot of money.

“If there is such a big offer from Real Madrid, it is very difficult to say no. Luis Suarez has always had a predisposition for Spain.”

However, Liverpool management is expected to slap a huge fee on Suarez. But Real Madrid, who are habitual of breaking the transfer records and ready to match any price Merseysiders’ demand.

Real Madrid are fresh from winning their much coveted La Decima  but president Perez and coach Ancelotti have already started planning for the transfer window. And aprt from Luis Suarez, Arturo Vidal is the another transfer target.