Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers has stated that he was ‘truly honored’ at being offered the opportunity to manage the club and talked about the ‘humbling experience’ of the fans singing his name.

In an exclusive interview, Rodgers talked about his learnings in his tenure as the manager of Liverpool, and mentioned about the challenges of managing expectations at such a big club. He also spoke about embracing the history of the club.

“Expectation here is enormous and is something you have to fight for every single day.

“It’s a huge club with big expectancy, but there couldn’t be a better job out there.

“Well, firstly it [the history] was very important for me when I made the choice to come here to carry on some of the great work of the predecessors before me.

“To become the manager here at Liverpool is such a privileged position. I was truly honoured to be offered the job here and look to carry on some of the great work Kenny had started and the people before that.”

Liverpool have given the fans some brilliant games, moments and performances since Rodgers’ arrival at the club and he spoke about the performances that have stood out for him personally.

“Well, of course there is the first win we had which was in the league away at Norwich. It was an excellent performance and probably typified the ideas we’d looked to implement—be creative, score goals —so that was a very good performance.

“Obviously over the course of time, Newcastle away was a brilliant performance and result. The Everton game at home, the 4-0, was a great performance and result, and obviously Tottenham away—going away from home and scoring five at White Hart Lane having not won there for so many years.

“And there’s obviously the most recent in terms of Arsenal being a great victory and performance. There have been lots of great memories, but those would be the stand-out performances and results.”

Rodgers also expressed his wonder at the goal Luis Suarez scored against Norwich to bring up his hat-trick when he was asked to pick one moment that stood out for him.

“I would probably have to look at one of Luis Suarez’s goals.

“He scores so many great goals and important goals for us, but the goal that stood out for me was the one against Norwich.

“It was his hat-trick goal where he was going through and he lifted it over to the other side, opened up his technique and drilled it in from the edge of the box.

“That just typified the quality of the man, and from a nothing position it was a wonderful goal.

“We’ve scored many great goals over the period since I’ve been here, but that at the time I remember was a ‘wow’ moment and a great lift for us in the game.

Finally, Rodgers spoke about the fans and expressed his feelings about hearing the fans singing ‘There’s only one Brendan Rodgers’ home and away at every game.

“It’s a very humbling experience when you hear supporters singing your name. I always prefer for them to sing for the team and players, but I suppose it’s a sign of gratitude to the work that’s going on.

“I will continue to work very hard along with my staff and the people here to take the club forward as far as we possibly can.

“For me, there is still a long way for us to go—and hopefully the fans appreciate that we are genuinely fighting very hard, and working very honestly and loyally to the club in order for it to be the best.

“It’s a huge honor when they sing [my name].”

Liverpool do not have a game this weekend and Rodgers has taken Liverpool staff to Tenerife in Spain to enjoy a sunshine in Tenerife this week.

Rodgers will be looking to attract some top players in the summer given Liverpool’s strong league position and almost-confirmed Champions League qualification. According to a report, he is interested in bringing Ben Davies and Michel Vorm from former club Swansea.

Vorm is likely to provide competition to Liverpool’s current number one Simon Mignolet who has made a few high profile errors this season despite making a strong start to the season. Vorm’s arrival would mean that Mignolet’s current understudy Brad Jones is likely to move on in the summer.