Liverpool FC are currently undergoing a turbulent season, and it is no surprise that reports of manager Brendan Rodgers’ job being in jeopardy are coming up.

Most recent reports suggest that the club owners are already looking at potential managers to replace the current Liverpool boss. Sports journalist for The Sunday Times, Sports Illustrated, Champions magazine, Goal, ONE World Sports and other media outlets, Duncan Castles told Bleacher Report UK that the Liverpool owners have begun looking at people to replace Rodgers.

According to him, Liverpool’s American owners have already drawn up a shortlist of managers they could approach if Rodgers was to be sacked. Castles said, “It doesn’t look good for Brendan Rodgers. What I know is that there has been contact with alternatives to replace him for at least a month now. It looks to me as though Fenway Sports Group are getting themselves in a position where if they need to make a change of managers, they have the alternatives ready. The fact that they are looking,means that Rodgers’ job is not safe”.

There were rumors some days back suggesting former Chelsea and Spurs boss Andre Villas Boas had been lined up as Rodgers’ replacement. Castles said on the matter, “Villas Boas was one of the manager contacted, which is not a surprise as he was one of the managers on the list to replace Roy Hodgson, when Rodgers got the job. He has been sended out. He talked to the owners, but he is not interested in going back to the Premier League at the moment. You can essentially forget about him, unless he changes his mind.”

Speaking about Rodgers’ downfall at the club this season, Castles added, “The results this season have been terrible. To go from almost winning the league, even if that was an unusual season, to where they are at the moment- scoring less than a goal in home match at Anfield and getting knocked out of the CL by Ludogorets and Basel. Fenway Sports Group are not in charge of Liverpool for good football or their interest in the sport, they are in it for the money. When they allow a guy to spend 150m pounds, they expect results”

Castles said that FSG are likely to not make mid-season changes, and would want to end the season with Rodgers at the helm, giving him more time to sort his business out. But sacking him in between cannot be ruled out.

“When you’ve got such a situation, it is possible that Rodgers is sacked in the middle of the season. But I don’t think that is the intention. I think they would like to get to the end of the season before changing the manager”, said The Times journalist.

Reports of transfers and sackings do rounds all the time, which makes them very unreliable. But it is undisputed that Rodgers and Liverpool are struggling at the moment, and it is not an unfathomable possibility that the owners of the club are looking at alternatives.

Here is the interview where Castles speaks about Rodgers’ situation at Liverpool.