Former Chelsea and Tottenham coach Andre Villas Boas confirmed yesterday to Portuguese TV that he had held talks with Liverpool.

Andre Villas Boas has been linked with Liverpool repeatedly over several years. The 37 year old was among the prime candidates to take over the Merseyside club after the dismisal of Roy Hodgson. The Liverpool owners were believed to be very keen on the young manager, but Brendan Rodgers interviewed terrfically which meant that the Northern Irishman was the one to take over the helm at the club.

Liverpool are a club in turmoil right now. They are badly struggling in the league and like in the 11th place after 16 games. The points tally is the worst it has been for fifty years now. They have been knocked out of the Champions League prematurely. They have suffered more losses in the opening 16 games than they did in the entirety of previous season. Naturally, Brendan Rodgers’ position at the club is under wide speculation. Many believe that FSG, the club’s owners, are ready to sack him soon if an immediate shift in form doesn’t occur. Others think Rodgers can last till the end of the season and only then will a decision on his future made.

Villas Boas is the name that has regularly come up and it has been reported that the club’s owners are looking at the Zenit boss as one who they want to replace Rodgers with.

Villas Boas has now confirmed talks with Liverpool during a TV interview in Portugal this week. He doesn’t say when those talks were so we can’t say if his statements would put Rodgers under pressue, but the 41 year old Liverpool boss would certainly be more worried than ever after reading this comments.

“I chose Zenit also to get away from the media glare. I’ve had my fill of media sensationalism & false promises. I had talks with Liverpool. Returning to England definitely not in my plans, although life takes many turns. Coaching in England was a positive experience, but also many negative things happened. I was surprised and I still am by the Chelsea chairman changing his intentions. When I went there in 2011 the idea was to reformulate the team”

Villas-Boas lasted less than a year at Chelsea and was then sacked in December 2013 by Spurs, a decision that was funnily enough triggered by Spurs’ 5-0 mauling at the hands of Liverpool.

Rodgers’ position is currently in a threatening position and many reports have stated that he is not in a comfortable place at the moment. The Liverpool boss should ignore everything being said in the press for now, and only focus on getting the Reds firing again.