Brendan Rodgers’ Liverpool lost 1-0 to Real Madrid last night, but put up a performance they could be proud of.

Rodgers created a havoc amongst fans when he rested 7 players and put up a line-up that consisted primarily of squad players. However,contrary to everyone’s expectancy, these players performed very well and restricted Real Madrid from scoring at will. In fact, their performance was far better than at Anfield with the apparent ‘strongest 11’. Kolo Toure, who has had some shocking moments for Liverpool last season, put on an awe-worthy defensive performance and surprised the most. He was strong, composed and calm at the back and made sure his experience of playing at the top-most level showed.

“I know we lost but I am very happy because we played a really good game,” Toure said after the game

“At end of the day everyone worked hard and showed so much determination. We had a lot of players out there who haven’t played many games this season but we showed what a good squad we have. It doesn’t matter what players play here, they will give 100%. You have to be ready and we showed that. As a team, we worked so hard and I am really proud of the boys. We could have got a draw out of it.”

It was the first time Toure had started in a competition other than the League Cup since February.

“I have missed games like this I play with my heart and I am ready to fight for my club,” he said

“These are the kind of games you remember all your life. The last game I played here was with Arsenal when we won. People were saying we had no chance against Real Madrid but that gave us motivation. When you don’t play a lot and a manager gives you a chance to show what you can do you give everything you have got. That is what happened and that’s the way we need to play in every game now. We all showed the manager we will fight.”

Liverpool remain third in Group B of the Champions League and will need to win their final two games if they want to progress further in the competition.

“We are still in there,” Toure said.

“We will do everything to win those last two games and get through to the next round. I definitely believe we can do it. If we play with our quality and our heart then we will win those matches.”

Brendan Rodgers and his squad stayed in Madrid on Tuesday night and will train in the Spanish capital on Wednesday before flying back to Liverpool.