Brendan Rodgers addressed the media before Liverpool’s game against QPR this Saturday.

After the international break that has seen the headlines being dominated by a ‘tired’ Raheem Sterling, the Liverpool boss spoke about the issue first in his pre-match conference. He said that the treatment the youngster got was ‘grossly unfair’.

“Firstly I’d like to congratulate England on their two wins because that’s been overshadowed with the news on Raheem. “I have obviously read a lot and listened to what’s been said, we want to move on from the situation with Raheem. It’s been grossly unfair that the kid has been put on the back pages on something he didn’t say. I’ve had it a number of times here were he has been tired and gone to play and be exceptional. He’s a wonderful talent, he’s a kid we’ve brought up to be honest and responsible. All he said was that he was tired. I read people talking about club v country. I take great pride in players playing for their country. We have many internationals. We are club and country here, not club v country. Liverpool are no barrier to England. Roy and I have exchanged messages, we want to put this to bed and move on, and concentrate on looking after a huge talent”

The Liverpool manager was clearly also irked by the comments made regarding the club’s training methods and clarified, “I’ve seen a lot about the second day recovery and I think people think the players are sitting up watching Sky Sports. I’ve spent 15 years travelling around Europe looking at different ideas so I’d have identity as a coach. My belief and model is to make players better and part of that is to look at every individual player and how they recover.”

Liverpool currently lie in the ninth place with ten points in seven games. When asked if that put pressure on him, Rodgers replied, “I’m quite relaxed on it all and we will look at it after 10 games to see how we’re set. At this point in time, we are looking to improve our performance level and we know we will get better. There’s no crisis – we lost a world class player and brought a number in. The players here are magnificent and the attitude and effort they show gives me the hope we can push on.”