Real Madrid will be playing against Liverpool in their third game of UEFA Champions league on Wednesday and Carlo Ancelotti believes that a hostile atmosphere at Anfield will only motivate Ronaldo to perform better.

Real Madrid travel to Liverpool in a crucial game of group B and the Italian coach believes that noisy atmosphere of Anfield will work as a big motivator for star striker Cristiano Ronaldo.

“Cristiano Ronaldo is always really motivated. But if the atmosphere is hostile that only motivates him more. But no (laughs), Ronaldo is not going to be more motivated just because it is Liverpool and he played for Manchester United in the past,” said Ancelotti. He was speaking to English newspaper The Sun.

Ancelotti played against Liverpool in 1984 when he was playing for AS Roma. And the Italian said that he is a big fan of the Anfield club. “I have followed Liverpool since 1984, when I played against them with Roma in the final of the European Cup, we lost on penalties. It has always been a club that gets you excited. “You’ll never walk alone” is incredible. Nobody sings an anthem like the Liverpool fans do. Tomorrow, before the game, I will go out on to the pitch early because I want to hear the fans sing “You’ll never walk alone”. I am very excited, sometimes I go and find the anthem on the internet to listen and to let me friends listen. It is something really unique. Seriously”.

Carlo Ancelotti, the current boss of Real Madrid, was a coach of AC Milan side that played in a memorable final against Liverpool in Istanbul and he praised the character shown by their fans during that game.

“I remember we were winning 3-0 at half-time and at the end of the first half the 45,000 Liverpool fans were singing “You’ll never walk alone” for ten minutes. It was incredible. For an Italian, it was a shock. In Italy, if you’re losing 3-0, it is not fun for you, you throw stones. It is one of the memories that has left a footprint in my career. I do not think that was fundamental in the Liverpool comeback, but it helped”.

When asked about his current club Real Madrid, Ancelotti said that it is the biggest club in the world and coaching them is like a dream come true. “I remember I was trying to hold back the tears on the day of my presentation as coach of Real Madrid. I knew it was the world’s biggest club and professionally it was a great pleasure for me to coach this team”.