Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspurs are set to indulge in a battle of bids, as both sides are readying £25m bids for Chelsea’s Andre Schurrle. According to reports, Liverpool and Tottenham could launch these bids as early as January.

Andre Schurrle has become a part time player in Chelsea under Jose Mourinho and has only appeared for the Blues 54 times, ever since his transfer in 2013.

Although the German international has enjoyed success at the World stage, winning the World Cup, appearances still continue to elude him at the club level.

Reports claim, that Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho is running out of patience as Schurrle has only scored 11 time in his 54 appearances for Chelsea.

Meanwhile, Liverpool and Tottenham both struggle with a mini crisis of not clicking in the final third, and perhaps Schurrle’s could be the answer for both these sides.

Liverpool have often reeled in the final third, since the loss of Luis Suarez to Barcelona. Replacement Mario Balotelli, has not yet clicked with the Liverpool midfield and has often gone missing in matches. The Reds after ending the last season on a high, have disappointed fans with their clumsy performances.

The Reds lack the speed, pace and trickery which could all be provided with Andre Schurrle. Liverpool struggle at 11th place in the Premier League and would be looking to re-energize their squad with the signing of Andre Schurrle.

Sitting just a place behind Liverpool, at 12th is Tottenham Hotspur. The London side whose ambitions to qualify for the Champions League constantly turns hopeless, would be hoping to pose a serious threat to those four coveted places, this time around.

Although Tottenham have problems with their uncanny attack which has not been able to penetrate defenses properly, the Spurs would be hoping to sign another player who could make things happen.

Tottenham Hotspur like Liverpool, have not impressed with their brand of football so far, which constantly lacks the cutting edge. With hopes of signing Andre Schurrle, Tottenham could feature a player who could provide and perhaps share workload with Christian Eriksen.

The 24 year old Schurrle could be the answer to both Liverpool and Tottenham’s problems, as the German International is known for his excellent fitness levels and workrate. He bombards forward with the ball and his penchant to cut inside and shoot is particularly impressive.

However as the scenario stands, Chelsea might indulge Schurrle into a swap deal with Borussia Dortmund’s Maro Reus, although if this deals does not go through which is highly likely, Chelsea might entertain suitors for Schurrle’s signature.

Liverpool and Anfield, look the most likely destination for the 24 year old as Chelsea would be more than unwilling to sell their player to their local city rivals, Tottenham Hotspur.