Juventus director Pavel Nedved has voiced his comments on the bite-saga involving Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini and Uruguay and Barcelona forward Luis Suarez.

The World Cup saw a lot of good football, but also its fair shown of unwanted events. The recently concluded tournament will be infamously remembered for ex-Liverpool forward Luis Suarez biting Giorgio Chiellini in a group match involving Uruguay and Italy. Shockingly, it was the third time Suarez had committed this act of aggression.

The incident took place during the dying embers of the match. Suarez fell down after committing the act and the Juventus defender understandably went to the referee to show the bite mark on his shoulder. However, Juventus director and ex-player, Pavel Nedved has voiced his anger at Chiellini’s reaction and said that he behaved like a child when the incident occured. Nedved did praise the player for being mature over the next days and asking FIFA to reduce the player’s four month footballing ban.

“I was very angry with Chiellini for his reaction, as he behaved like a child showing the bite mark to the referee,” Nedved told Denik Sport.

“I talked about it with Beppe Marotta and I’ll discuss it with him directly. In any case, Giorgio showed intelligence over the next few days when he asked FIFA to reduce the ban.

The ex-Czech international went on to praise Suarez’s footballing abilities and called him a ‘great player and a ‘champion’. He even said that Juventus were close to signing him two years ago. He continued by further defending him and saying he is knows what its like as a player and understands a ‘little tantrum’.

“Suarez is a great player and I’d sign him straight away for Juventus. In fact, we were on the verge of getting him two years ago and I was fully in agreement. He’s a champion and that is all. I have played on the pitch, so I know what it’s like to have a little tantrum.”

Suarez was banned from all football related activities for four months after his ban for this act. The 27 year old has completed his switch from Liverpool to Barcelona for a reported sum of £75m, as transfer was not part of the list under the sub-clause of ‘administrative ban’ imposed by the governing body. His ban however, has stopped the La Liga club from unveiling him officially as their new number 9.