Controversial striker Luis Suarez’s book seems to be in the ‘bad books’ of Jose Mourinho. Jose Mourinho, whose rampaging Chelsea side took to the field against Liverpool in Anfield, has given a withering retort to Suarez’s book.

“I would never write a s*** book.” said Jose Mourinho 

It all started with Luis Suarez mentioning that an unnamed Chelsea player was not happy with Jose’s defensive approach in the penultimate game, which saw Chelsea beat Liverpool 2-0 and slipped in their title hopes.

But the Chelsea boss, who had earlier scorned remarks about him made by authors such as Roy Keane and Jorge Valdano, came up with an outspoken approach to Suarez’s comments.

“Was it another book? Books! I’ve not written a book, At 51, I might have enough of a story to tell to write one.” said a sarcastic Jose Mourinho.

Jose Mourinho first came into the limelight with his Champions League winning Porto, which included the likes of Deco. The Portuguese was then signed consequently by Chelsea, and he led the Blues, to their first Premier League win, after 50 years.

Although, the Portuguese dominated the Premier League, Champions League remained elusive and following a fallout with the Chelsea management, he left the Blues in the mid season of 2007.

However, success would not elude Jose, as his all conquering Inter Milan side, won the Italian Serie A, Champions League and the League Cup. Successful stints led him to Real Madrid, where he controversially was involved in more than one antics, more so than the poking the eye of Barcelona’s Tito Vilanova.

Jose Mourinho, reunited with Chelsea in the fall of 2013 and dubbed himself as the ‘happy one’. Although Mourinho, is a loudmouth and a controversial figure, his friction with Liverpool dated long back to his first spell with Chelsea, wherein he had a ‘war of words’ with Rafa Benitez.

The ‘irritated one’ went on to rues Suarez’s approach in his book, and how he had lamented Jose’s Chelsea.

Mourinho added, “I have an invitation to do a book but just one where I’ll choose 100 pictures of my career, and where I just make a little comment on every picture. A memory book.But not a book to tell ‘s***’ and to criticise people and to speak negative things about people who belong to my career. I won’t do that.”

“But when you are 25? Then you can only write a book about when you are a kid?” the Portuguese sarcastically spoke in rhetoric.

Although Jose Mourinho’s is not loved by the Liverpool faithful, his recent comments on Liverpool sweetheart Luis Suarez – who single handedly led the Reds into the Champions League, scoring 69 goals in 110 appearances, has infilled the KOP with even more hate.

As Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea took to the pitch at Anfield, boos would most likely welcome the 51 year old controversial manager.