Jordan Henderson said that he didn’t stop believing after his two failed seasons at Liverpool and that Sir Alex’s comments regarding his running style didn’t bother him.

Jordan Henderson enjoyed probably his personal best season during the recently concluded campaign as he helped his team attain Champions League qualifications next season and also finish the season in the second spot, narrowly missing out on the title.

The English midfielder had been dubbed a flop by everyone as he was unable to impress after his high profile move from Sunderland. However, the 23 year old started looking pretty good towards the end of the 12/13 campaign. He followed that up with terrific performances this season which saw him being indispensable in Brendan Rodgers’ plans. His great form landed him a spot on Roy Hodgson’s World Cup team. The England international said that he didn’t get too dejected with the criticism he received and focused on getting better instead.

“In football you are going to have times where you have got to be strong, and you have got to keep believing in your own ability. That is just part and parcel of the game. All I do is just try to get on with it and work hard. I always believed I was a good enough player to be playing for England and Liverpool as well. Hopefully I can keep progressing as a player and getting better. There were a few people who did help me – the big players at Liverpool when you’re around them help you a lot. But at the same time you have to deal with stuff like that on your own and try and get through it on your own. No one else can change it – except yourself, to be honest.”, said the 23 year old

 Sir Alex Ferguson’s autobiography had a lot of comments about Liverpool and its players. Young Jordan Henderson did not escape Ferguson’s wrath as the Scotsman said that United were observing the young player at Sunderland, but decided against it as he runs from his knees instead of his hips and that his awkward gait would cause him injury issues later in his career.

The 23 year old responded to the criticism and said that he took them in the stride and that it felt more like a compliment

“I took it as a bit of a compliment because he said he was watching us and thinking about buying us so I must have been doing something right.”

When the book had recently released, Brendan Rodgers defended the youngster and even thought that the retired United manager should apologize to Henderson.

“Jordan is an incredible athlete, and for a young player making his way in the game, those comments could be damaging. I would hope that if Ferguson bumps into Jordan, he would apologise for that”, said the Liverpool boss