FC Goa take on an unbeaten Delhi Dynamos side, who sit fourth in the league table. While there would be no pressure as such on the visitors, the hosts would be looking to amass their first win of the season.

“Football never surprises me. We had chances in the previous matches and we just couldn’t take them. This is the magic of football. Sometimes you play well and yet the other team comes and scores and you end up losing,” said Zico, in the pre match press conference

 “I don’t worry about formations. This thing of numbers isn’t for me. When it’s on the field, it is eleven against eleven.” he added.

Zico also pointed out that the inclusion of 5 Indian would do no good to the Indian game, he said  “We need more Indians in every team. This is the Indian Super League and having just five Indian players in the team is too less,”, while talking to the ISL Media Team

FC Goa miss the mesmerizing Robert Pires, due to a ban, while numerous other missing due to injuries, “We don’t think of only eleven players who will start, but all twenty-seven of them. I’ve told my team they have to be ready at all times.” Zico clearified

Crowd favorite Ranti Martins was also present at the conference, he said, “We have been very unfortunate since the start. We’ve played well but the ball hasn’t gone in. It’s all about patience now,”.