The Business end of football, is often as important as football itself, for a club to be successful. Transfers, are perhaps one of the vital ingredients which make or break a club.

The Indian Super league, progeny of IMG Reliance, started its growth by drafting Indian Players in the domestic Player Drafts. The eight franchisees fought tooth and nail, to buy some of the hottest talents around. These Players who ply their skill for respective I league club, had been loaned to the ISL Franchisees, by the same.

Extending its reach, the Indian Super League Franchisees soon started signing marquee players. Alessandro Del Piero, Robert Pires, Zico and Luis Garcia soon became a common sight, in their respective training grounds.

Following a draft pattern along with freedom to scout and sign players, the Indian Super League also gave a deadline to its transfer saga. The Deadline was supposed to be honored by the 25th of September and Squads had to be registered.

Now, The Hard Tackle understands that The ISL Transfer Deadline Date has been extended to the 27th of September. If rumors are to be believed, then accommodation of more foreign players are perhaps the prime reason for this extension.

The Indian Super League has accommodated its share of legend and foreign players, along with Indian pedigree, with more foreign players expected to be signed by the franchisees by the end of the transfer date, it can only concluded, that in times like these it is blessed to be in India.