Auction 2014 Hero Indian Super League Teams,

Fans, Audience, Gathering and perhaps crowd are needed for any event to successfully propagate. They not only provide a source of inspiration, but also help the in creating suitable atmosphere. In football, Fans have often acted as the 12th man, influencing matches at their will. Their sheer determination to cheer teams in a 90 minute time frame has often resulted in the protagonist snatching victory from the jaws of defeat. Fans are to Football as Oxygen is to Mankind, irreplaceable, inevitable and perhaps irresistible.

Building a worldwide audience is given, but much more important is the initiation of a process which leads Football Fans into Stadiums. Developing a pedigree by signing Legends such as Alessandro Del Piero, Robert Pires, Joan Capdevila and David Trezeguet the league has already insured the latter, more-so after issuing tickets with prices, affordable to one and all.

The Hard Tackle believes that franchisees have been given full freedom in adjusting the prices of the tickets. Franchisees such as Atletico de Kolkata and FC GOA have already reached an arrangement over the issue of ticket prices.

The Hard Tackle understand that, while Atletico de Kolkata would be starting their ticket range of home games from Rupees 200, FC GOA would keep a lowline of just Rupees 100. The prices would go up as per seating positions, Rupees 300,400 and 750 in Atletico de Kolkata’s homeground Salt Lake Stadium. While Prices in Fatorda Stadium, home-ground of FC Goa would be fitted inside a Rupees 200 and 300 bracket. However the franchisee has also set a 2000-3000 Rupee bracket for the elite.

The other Remaining six franchisees are set to frame a bracket starting from Rupees 150 and finishing on Rupees 2000.

Clearly, this antic is sure to pool in a lot of fans. Naive as it may look, the Indian Super League has ensured regular fan visits to the stadium. With prices this low, it may not be a surprise to see Stadiums sell out.